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Visas for foreign nationals | Work, study, tourist visas to Europe

Work visas to Europe for foreign nationals

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      Visas for foreign nationals | Work, study, tourist visas to Europe

      Work visas to Europe for foreign nationals

      Getting employed in Europe is a dream for many CIS countries nationals today. Living in a country with a higher quality of life, payment for labour and potential promotion is the object of aspiration for many people from different developing countries. The selection of vacancies is rich in various job opportunities at industrial production, business, tourism. The salary is much higher in these countries if compared to payment for labour in the countries of foreign nationals seeking for EU employment. And the possibility of work abroad can be provided with a work visa to Europe for foreign nationals – an ultimate component of the international setup to be followed by the citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. European countries adhere to unified visa regulations. The centers dealing with visa issue can make individual amendments as to granting a work permit.

      Visa to Cyprus 

      (allowed to enter Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria)

      for citizens of Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

      * A residence permit in Ukraine is NOT REQUIRED !!!

      Submission of documents and obtaining a visa in Kiev (Ukraine) without personal presence!

      Required documents from the Applicant:

      • Original passport
      • Photo 3.5 * 4.5 80% of the person
      • ID card residence permit in Ukraine (if any)
      • Certificate from work / bank (if any)

       Processing time: 5-7 days. 

      Term validity of the visa and the cost of registration:

      Multivisa (180/365)

       * If you have a Schengen visa in your passport for the last 3 years;

      Cost: 1200 euros (consular fee included). 

      Double entry visa (30/45; 30/90; 45/90; 45/180; 90/180 days);

      Single entry visa (7-14 days).

       * Without Schengen visas in the passport for the last 3 years. 


      1200 euros (double entry);

      750 euros (one-time). 

       * Consular fee included. 

       !!! With a multi or double entry visa to Cyprus, you can visit 4 countries:

      Cyprus, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria.

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      Work visa to Europe for foreign nationals

      Рабочие визы в Европу для иностранцев

      A work visa to Europe for Russians implies a prior receipt of the invitation from an employer. A certain position must be reserved before moving abroad. And an employer must be entitled to hire foreign employees. To confirm this fact, he or she needs to submit the permit together with a work contract to the Consulate. It is necessary to check this beforehand to avoid troubles being already far from home. If the enterprise that has invited an employee is closed, a work visa to Europe for Russian nationals can be annulled. Work visa securing fee will be comprised of a consular and service charge, insurance and processing fee. Final cost is better to be checked directly during the document submission.

      Work visa securing for the nationals of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

      Getting a work visa to Europe for the nationals of Uzbekistan, as with Russian nationals, has general rules based on the uniform procedure. It gives the right to conduct paid working activities in a host country. The invitation from an employer specifying the dates from the commencement of work to the completion of a work contract will be a documentary evidence.

      The citizens of Kazakhstan wishing to leave for Europe to earn money should also secure a work visa to Europe for Kazakhstan nationals, since otherwise they will be prohibited to work. Violation of this rule will result in a fine, deportation and ban on entering for an indefinite period.

      A work visa to Europe for Kazakhs is issued for a period of 1 year. When expired, visa is extended for the same period by a migration centre in Europe.

      Required documents

      Documents for securing a work visa to Europe for Russians

      An accurate list of documents required for obtaining a visa will be provided by visa application centre or the Consulate. However, general requirements as to the documents are more or less the same:

      • International passport valid for no more than 10 years with at least two blank pages and expiration date not earlier than 90 days after the planed date of exit from the country;
      • Two photos in color 3,5 х 4,5 cm against a white background, made not earlier than 6 months before the date of document submission, pasted to visa application form;
      • Filled in visa application form in hard copy. It can be submitted not earlier than 3 months before the trip planned;
      • Bank statement for the last three months with the information about your account balance;
      • Health insurance card;
      • Invitation from an employer;
      • Applicant’s contact details.

      Passport Passport
      ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine
      Certificate from studies Certificate from studies
      Photo Photo

      Work visa to Germany for Belarus nationals

      Рабочие визы в Европу для иностранцев

      Germany is one of the most popular economically developed countries and a true dream for many people working abroad. The process of getting official permit for labour activity is rather effortful as compared to other countries of the European Union. German work visa for Belarus nationals is mandatory. The documents are to be submitted at the consular service of the Embassy of Germany in Minsk. This should be a national visa category, by no means a Schengen one. But there are no restrictions for travelling within Schengen area countries: one may stay for 90 out of 180 days in a different country. A work visa to Europe for Belarusians is issued starting from the day of arrival at point of destination. The documents required for visa securing are: international passport, photo, health insurance card, invitation from a future employer. A work visa is usually issued for the period for up to one year. When expired, national visa can be extended. For this purpose, one needs to submit passport to the Embassy of Germany.

      Work in Germany with Polish work visa

      It must be kept in mind that work in Germany using Polish work visa is impossible. People often think that getting a work visa for a Schengen country they can work in all the states within the Area. This is wrong. Polish work visa entitles to stay within the territory of Poland for a long stretch of time in order to earn money. It is issued for a period from 6 to 12 months, and this is a national work visa. It provides with a possibility to work strictly at the enterprises of Poland. We do not recommend to play around trying to get employed in a different country with inappropriate visa. This may result in deportation and ban on entering the countries of the Schengen Area.

      Although obtaining a work visa to Europe for CIS countries nationals is a laborious process, it is still simplified as compared to many other countries. The main thing is to observe the laws and regulations. Apart from European nationals, there is a great labour demand for the staff from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh, Turkey, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Congo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Côte d'Ivoire. The range of possible spheres is rather big – from manufacturing companies to service provision. Securing a work visa to the European Union is always better to be done with the help of professionals to get high-grade service and a positive result guaranteed.

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