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Visa to Hungary for foreign nationals

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      Visa to Hungary | Shengen visa. Guarantee | Payment upon delivery | VISA-SVIT

      Visa to Hungary for foreign nationals

      Visa to Hungary for foreign nationals

      Visiting Hungary with a tourist, family or guest visit as well as for participation at various official and business projects or partnership meetings requires a Schengen visa to Hungary.

      Getting a Schengen visa for the nationals of different countries, such as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nepal, Pakistan, Nigeria and others is possible at the Consulate of Hungary in Kyiv, both under normal procedure and on an urgent basis. The rules for securing a visa permit are identical for all applicants: one needs to submit an application to the expert of our centre, provide required set of documents, complete a visa application form and pay a consular fee (directly during the documents submission at the Consulate of Hungary).

      A Schengen visa 2021 can be obtained for the purpose of visiting a certain cultural or sports event (in this case an applicant needs to document his/her involvement in it: as a speaker, by invitation, by the certificate of a participant, by admission ticket, etc.). In order to get a Schengen visa permit in Kyiv, a person applying for a Hungarian visa has to comply with an important parameter, notably to have Ukrainian residence permit as a non-resident (temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine).

      Validity period. Visa securing fee

      For citizens of foreign countries visa-svit accordeon open
      visa-svit accordeon close

      visa-info checkthe calculation of probability of a positive response from the Consulate of Hungary

      visa-info checkexperts’ advice

      visa-info checkthe preparation of complete set of necessary documents and its review for compliance with the requirements of the Consulate

      visa-info checkcompleting visa application form

      visa-info checkreceiving the international passport with a visa at the consulate and its delivery to the applicant’s address

      Visa type Duration of stay/validity Processing time Cost

      *С / Shengen 

      7-14 days 5-7 days 1500 €

      **С / Shengen 

      1 year 5-7 days 1000 €

      ***С / Shengen 

      1 year 5-7 days 1200 €
      * If you have a "clean" passport (without Schengen visas), you can apply for a visa for a period of 8-14 days. With a Schengen visa in the passport (for the last 3 years), the visa is issued for a period of 6 months and 1 year (at the discretion of the Hungarian consulate)
      **With personal presence
      ***Without personal presence
      Consular fee
      80-120 €( depending on citizenship)

        Please. note: The whole amount is to be paid at the Consulate of Hungary at the time of document submission. In case of a negative result (force majeure), the amount of a consular fee is not subject to a refund.

        *Discount for children - 50€.

        The payment is made in hryvnia equivalent at current exchange rate as of the moment of payment.

        You may ask for more details during the consultation with the specialist of VISA-SVIT agency.

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        Статистика страныStatistics

        VISA-SVIT statistics on the issuance of Schengen visas to Hungary for 2021

        • 1698 Total applications
        • 1689 Visas issued
        • 9 Rejected
        Positive decisions made 0%

        Required documents

        Conditions for getting a Schengen visa in Ukraine

        For a guaranteed Schengen visa to Hungary, it is necessary to prepare the following documents:

        • International passport – the period of validity of the document should not expire earlier than in 180 days after applying; it is also necessary to prepare the copies of all passport pages, one of which should be blank;
        • Internal passport with the copies of all pages (if any);
        • Two coloured photos of a standard form;
        • Statement of financial situation (the document issued at the place of work providing the information on the earnings for the last six months and bank statements of settlement and card account);
        • Completed visa application form (in the English or Hungarian languages);
        • Visa and consular fee payment receipt.

        Who can obtain a Schengen visa in Kyiv with guarantee and what needs to be done:

        • A visa with guarantee can be obtained exclusively by the foreign nationals having a residence permit in Ukraine.
        • The statements required to be provided:
          • 1 certificate: certificate of employment (for the last 6 months)/student status or bank statement (the minimum balance of 700Є) – for the nationals of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia;Виза в Венгрию
          • 2 certificates: certificate of employment (for the last 6 months)/student status and bank statement (the minimum balance of 700Є) for foreigners.
        • Visa securing for the students is only possible starting from the second year of studies.
        • A visa is not to be secured for:
          • the nationals having Schengen visa denials;
          • the nationals of «problematic» countries: Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria (upon individual inquiry).
        • Securing long-term visas with guarantee:
          • for a period of 1-5 years (for the nationals of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia): only for the passports with previously issued and used visas;
          • for a period of 6 months (for the nationals of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia): a clear passport is possible.
        • Terms of document submission to the Embassy of Hungary:
          • personal submission of documents and biometrics data (fingerprints);
          • receiving your passport with a visa without personal attendance (address delivery at the cost of an addressee is possible).
        • The periods of validity for the visas with guarantee (requirements for passports):
          • a visa for 7-8 days or for 6 months (for the nationals of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia) is possible to be secured with a “clear” passport without visas;
          • a "clear" passport without issued and used Schengen visas (for foreign nationals) makes it possible to secure a visa only for a period of 7-8 days;
          • a visa for 6 months and more (for foreign nationals) is possible to be secured exclusively with the passport with issued and used Schengen visas.
        •  Terms of payment:
          • 100€ – indemnity payment (is returned in case of visa denial and is not returned in case of applicant’s failure to appear for document submission at the embassy);
          • The rest of the fee – upon receiving your passport with a visa.
        • In case of receiving the visa for the period less than expected, the recalculation is made, and overpayment is paid back to a customer. Once obtained, a visa to Hungary will be valid for three months. The legislation of this country allows for the possibility of a Hungarian visa extension in cases, when there are reasonable grounds for that.

        The applicant for a Hungarian visa must comply with the following requirements: available reasons to come back to Ukraine or to a native country (real estate/employment/minor children), financial solvency, clean criminal record and others.

        The reason for Hungarian visa denial by visa officers can be the concealment of a true reason to visit the country, untrue or outdated information in documents as well as the violation of the laws of any country of the Schengen Area (so called positive visa history is desirable).

        Qualified and experienced lawyers of our immigration and visa agency will help you to get perfectly prepared for document submission as well as to obtain a guaranteed Schengen visa in Kyiv.

        Passport Passport
        ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine
        Bank reference Bank reference
        Certificate of employment Certificate of employment
        Certificate from studies Certificate from studies
        Photo Photo

        Visa specialists at «VISA-SVIT» can secure a Schengen visa for the nationals of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Congo and other countries.

        To consult an expert or to submit an application for urgent Visa securing, please, contact our dedicated expert on European countries right now!

        Guaranteed receipt of a Hungarian Schengen visa in Kyiv: submitting the documents at the Consulate of Hungary and getting a positive decision (your passport with a visa) by our representative, without personal attendance of an applicant.

        High quality service provided urgently, within the timescale agreed, at affordable prices – we value the time of each customer and take full responsibility for quality document preparation, correct completion of a visa application form and the whole securing procedure. Resort to skilled professionals. We have been working since 2002.

        To get a guaranteed Schengen visa for non-residents of Ukraine, it is necessary to provide a valid international passport, certificate of employment and bank statement. The rest of the documents required will be prepared by our visa specialists.

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