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Visas for foreign nationals | Europe, USA, Canada, England

Visas for foreign nationals

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      Visas for foreign nationals | Europe, USA, Canada, England

      Visas for foreign nationals 2021

      Визы для иностранцев в Украине

      For many years the specialists of our company have been successfully arranging visas for the nationals of foreign countries not only to the Schengen area countries, Ukraine, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada and USA, but also to other states from all over the world: China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and others.

      Reputable professional level of our experts together with many years’ experience and deep knowledge of visa securing process for foreigners both in Ukraine and abroad in all its minutest details makes it possible to obtain a visa for a country non-resident with a maximum probability degree. Thanks to the cooperation with our team, each our applicant will not only save the time, nerves and lots of money, but also enhance considerably the chances of getting a visa permit.

      We will help not only to collect a required set of documents and get perfectly prepared for the interview with a visa officer at the Consulate, but also support you at all phases of visa securing process up to the time of getting your own permit.

      Work visa to Europe for the nationals of different countries

      The specialists of VISA-SVIT visa support centre gladly provide services on securing work visas and invitations for foreign nationals from any country of residence to the following EU countries:

      • Slovakia
      • Poland
      • Lithuania
      • Estonia
      • Croatia
      • Romania

      Each application is considered individually, taking into account applicant’s citizenship and status as well as the availability of the documents required for further submission at the consulate of the country chosen, getting an invitation for work and then visa to get employed in a EU country.

      Visa to Ukraine

      For those who would like to obtain an invitation and visa to Ukraine or a residence permit for Ukraine, our Migration centre offers the whole host of various options. Our experienced lawyers will help to obtain all necessary authorization documents and send them to any applicant’s country of residence within shortest time at affordable prices.

      The experts will define an optimal solution for each customer wishing to visit our country with a tourist, guest, business or family visit, provide with professional advice and prepare a complete set of documents required to secure the residence or immigration to Ukraine.

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      Schengen visa with guarantee and payment upon receipt

      Виза для иностранцев

      Non-residents of Ukraine being the citizens of other countries, though permanently residing in the territory of the country on the basis of a residence permit in Ukraine, are entitled to apply for a Schengen visa with no need to leave the territory of Ukraine. This is one of major advantages that is available for the nationals of all countries along with many perquisites.

      A Schengen visa for foreigners in Ukraine will become a legal pass to all the countries of the European Union planned for a tourist, guest or professional visit by an applicant.

      Long-term experience of our visa support centre in the provision of migration assistance for foreign nationals makes it possible to guarantee the receipt of visa permits for the countries of the European Union, America, Asia, Africa, Pacific basin countries and Australia. At the same time, we do not set any limitations for the applicants based on some kind of geographical distribution – migration permit can be obtained by any country national.

      Complete set of services under a turnkey approach, professional support during all phases of securing, minimal terms of processing, affordable fee for service provision – we are ready to provide all of this in full to the clients of our agency.

      Please, note: it is possible to apply for a Schengen visa for foreigners in Ukraine only in cases, when at least three months have passed after the receipt of a residence permit stamp in your passport.

      Visa for Russians in Ukraine

      In the context of rather complicated international relationship between Russia and the European Union, USA, Canada and other countries, the number of consulates of these countries in the Russian Federation has got considerably lower, which presents certain challenges and sometimes even deprive Russian nationals of the opportunity to get visa. For instance, US government allows securing American visa for visiting the USA by Russian and other nationals at the Consulate in Kyiv. Furthermore, a visa to Canada, Great Britain and Australia for foreigners can be applied for online, even without personal attendance, from any country in the world with its further physical receipt in the country of stay or temporary residence.

      The consulates of many countries already do not have huge queues for document submission for the purpose of getting visa. However, at the moment there is a higher probability of visa denial for Russian nationals as a result of complicated political relationship between the Russian Federation and other countries. That is why getting visa to the USA for Russian nationals is now easier and more reliably via the Consulate of the USA in Ukraine.

      In order to get a visa permit for Russian nationals in Ukraine, it is necessary to have a complete set of documents thoroughly prepared just before its submission. Thus, for instance, booking of an appointment at the Embassy of the USA in Kyiv now takes from four to ten days, so that one may have enough time to prepare a visa application form and get perfectly ready for the interview with a visa officer at the consulate.

      Required documents

      Essential documents for getting visa in Ukraine by foreign nationals:

      • Internal passport;
      • 2 photos;
      • Property certificate;
      • Bank statement;
      • Certificate of employment.
      Passport Passport
      ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine
      Bank reference Bank reference
      Certificate of employment Certificate of employment
      Certificate from studies Certificate from studies
      Photo Photo

      Visa to the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan

      Виза для нерезидентов Украины Visa-Svit

      A visa to Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand for non-residents of Ukraine can be applied for online, by an authorized person without personal attendance of an applicant, and received in the country of citizenship or temporary residence of an applicant.

      A visa to Ireland can be secured in the territory of Ukraine for the nationals of any country with a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

      American visa can be secured in Kyiv for all foreign nationals from any country of residence without Ukrainian citizenship and residence permit; it is enough to show visa officer of the Embassy of the USA your strong, documented reasoning for travel to the United States of America and then expect a positive decision in 5-10 days after the interview.

      Long-term experience of our visa specialists and immigration lawyers working with foreign nationals both in Ukraine and abroad provides with maximum probability of receiving a visa for a foreigner in 2021 as well as of getting a guaranteed work or Schengen visa!

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