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      Visa to Ukraine for foreigners | Obtaining a visa in Kiev | VISA-SVIT

      Do you need a visa to visit Ukraine?

      Visiting Ukraine by the nationals of foreign states is possible subject to certain rules. For instance, the entry of the citizens of the European Union, CIS countries and some other countries does not require a visa, however, there is a limitation of the period of stay, that is 90 days within 180. The nationals of other countries can visit Ukraine having certain permits, issued by Ukrainian consulates in the countries of residence of the applicants. In order to obtain a Ukrainian visa most of foreign nationals must have a reason, namely the invitation to enter the country.

      The fee for securing a tourist, visitor, business or work visa to Ukraine varies from 100 to 300 euro (depending on the category of visa, documents provides and nationality of the applicant) – please, contact VISA-SVIT visa experts to get more specific information.

      Е-visa to Ukraine / Tourist / Visitor / Business visa

      • Processing period: up to 10 days;
      • Visa validity period: up to 30 days
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      Статистика страныStatistics

      Statistics on the results of VISA-SVIT on the issuance of visas to Ukraine for 2021

      • 995 Total applications
      • 991 Visas issued
      • 4 Rejected
      Positive decisions made 0%

      Invitation to visit Ukraine (preparation time 1-3 days)

      Visitor invitation:

      • single entry (30/90) - 300 euro.

      Business invitation:

      • single entry (30/90) - 400 euro.

      Work invitation:

      • For a period of 1 year - 1100 euro;
      • For a period of 3 years - 1300 euro.

      The nationals of foreign countries can also obtain a temporary or a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, that is called here as "Посвідка на проживання в Україні" (Posvidka na prozhyvannia v Ukraini).

      Peculiarities of entry and securing visa to Ukraine for the nationals of different countries:

      Required documents

      The documents required of a tour operator:

      • Letter of guarantee on the company’s letterhead;
      • Travel voucher;
      • Certificate of insurance (medical insurance);
      • Copy of the bank guarantee (at the amount of at least 20 000 euro);
      • A copy of the tour operator’s license issued by the State committee of Ukraine for tourism;
      • Copy of registration certificate;
      • Application form in the applicant’s name for further submission at the embassy.

          A tourist visa is issued within 14 days (when paying a double consular fee – up to 5 days). In case if refusal, the cost of a consular fee and airline tickets are not refunded.

      The information required of an applicant:

      • Scanned copy of the first page of the internal passport;
      • Indication of the country of visa;
      • Planned dates of visa validity (from… to…);
      • City of arrival in Ukraine;
      • Name of the hotel, hostel, rented apartment and the dates of stay;
      • Postal address and phone number for the delivery of original documents be means of courier services.

      The documents required to get a business invitation issued:

      • The petition from the inviting organization for the issue of a business invitation;
      • Notarized translation of the passport of the person to be invited;
      • Letter of guarantee from the inviting company;
      • Copies of the documents, authenticated with the seal of the company;
      • The excerpts from the Unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
      • The document to confirm the financial solvency of a guest;
      • The document to confirm the availability of the place of living of the foreigner in Ukraine;
      • A copy of the order of appointment of the persons responsible for receiving and preparing the documents for the guest, authenticated with the seal of the company;
      • A copy of the passport of the executive of the inviting party;
      • A copy of the passport of the person responsible for the work with a foreign guest;
      • Requisition to payment for services at the Migration Service;
      • Receipt for payment of the fee for issuing a business invitation.

      Business invitations for foreigners are issued within 20 business days, and within 10 business days – on an urgent basis.

      Passport Passport
      ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine
      Bank reference Bank reference
      Certificate of employment Certificate of employment
      Certificate from studies Certificate from studies
      Photo Photo

      Obtaining a short-term visa on the basis of the invitation approved by the territorial body of the State migration service, for foreign nationals from other countries.
      Tourist visa for Ukraine

      This visa category implies the availability of the invitation, that is issued on the basis of the program prepared by Ukrainian tour operator which confirms the purpose of the trip. According to the current legislation, a tourist visa for Ukraine can be issued for the period of stay up to 90 days: single entry, double entry, multiple entries.

      Как получить вид на жительство в Украине

      A visit to the country with a tourist visa implies the liability of Ukrainian tour operator under existing bank guarantee. All the funds can be utilized for payment of damages a foreign national has suffered during the period of stay and upkeep in Ukraine as well as the expenditures for the organization of the return to the country of residence. The set of documents provided by a foreign travel company for the purpose of a tourist visit cannot be a valid reason for further issuance of Ukrainian visa and passing border control; it can be provided only by Ukrainian tour operator. Travel agents can also act as the providers of the tour operator services, that is why there is a simplified procedure provided for this kind of activity: there is no need to have personal travel itineraries, to get licensed or to obtain a bank guarantee.

           Other commercial organizations and private entrepreneurs can act as the entities providing related services, which cannot serve as a basis for granting a tourist visa and crossing the state border of Ukraine. Airline tickets, hostel and hotel bookings will be just an additional reason for granting a tourist visa for Ukraine together with other basic documents.

           The procedure for issuing a tourist visa to Ukraine for foreign nationals is provided by various regulations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (the Parliament of Ukraine), the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine and other state bodies.

      Visitor visa for Ukraine

      The grounds to obtain a private visa for Ukraine on the invitation:

      • Starting a family with a foreign national;
      • Visiting foreigners’ friends, relatives and acquaintances having a residence permit in Ukraine;
      • Continuance of the acquaintance made via various social media.

      Terms of preparation of a private invitation to visit Ukraine:

      1. The invitation must be issued exclusively at the territorial body of the State migration service at the place of registration.
      2. The inviting party must have adequate financial security.

        All the expenses connected with the stay of a foreigner in Ukraine are to be paid fully and timely by the host party, notably, the expenses connected with the stay, upkeep and possible deportation of a guest back home. The territorial body of the State migration service is authorized to check the host party for the funds available to cover this kind of potential expenses. The students, pupils, pensioners, the unemployed and those under the upkeep with no official earnings cannot be the inviting party.

      3. Collective invitations for foreigners are subject to more scrupulous examination.

        In the event that the inviting person registers the invitations for a big number of foreigners (more than 5 people) within a year, this may become the reason for more thorough consideration of each application and possible denial. If the migration inspector concludes that the inviting person requests the permissions for coming to Ukraine as a visitor not for the relatives, acquaintances or friends, but for strangers, then a private invitation request may be refused.

      4. The invitations for visiting Ukraine by the nationals of the migration risk countries are additionally checked by the migration authorities.

        The issue of a visitor invitation for the nationals with the place of residence recognized as the country of the migration risk is subject to additional enhanced control. Upon verifying the credibility of the intentions of the inviting person, the issue of such an invitation for a private visit may be refused.

      Business visa for Ukraine

      A business visa for Ukraine (code «01») is issued by the consulate of Ukraine in the applicant’s country of residence on the basis of a business invitation under the simplified procedure.

      So, in order to obtain a business visa for the nationals of foreign countries, it is first necessary to issue a business invitation on behalf of the inviting organization on the company’s letterhead and send to the foreigner to his country of residence.

      A temporary and a permanent residence permits in Ukraine are secured by the immigration lawyers of our Visa centre pursuant to the legislation of the country, following a thorough consideration of each candidate’s request individually.

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