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Visa to the United Kingdom for foreign nationals

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      Visa to England for foreigners | VISA-SVIT

      Visa to the United Kingdom for foreign nationals

      UK visa for foreigners is a much-desired, though very complex goal for the nationals of many countries. High living standard, quality education, development opportunities together with the possibility of getting decent wages – every year all of this attracts the seekers from different countries. One should keep in mind that England is not a part of the Schengen area, that is why a visit to this country requires a special visa. In most cases, UK visa makes it possible to go to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, obtaining documents for the entry is far-from-simple. Almost 20% of all the visas issued within one year accrue particularly to UK visas, and 90% of them have been secured with the help of professionals, since otherwise the probability of getting UK visa is rather low.

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      Visa for England for foreign nationals: special considerations of visa securing

      UK visa securing for the nationals of Russia, Belarus and many other countries is generally conducted according to the same scheme. The difference may be only in price or service quality. Many people may say that getting visa to UK is almost impossible, however, for most of them this process ends up in a fiasco due to common lack of knowledge of bureaucratic ins and outs, which one may encounter at the Embassy of the United Kingdom.

      First of all, it is necessary to complete the documents correctly, to formulate the purpose of travel, to translate all of the documents into English – this is not done by everyone. Lately, the situation has become even more complex, since the country has faced with a big number of those wishing to move here to get education or a job.

      There are three main reasons of visa denials:

      Виза в Англию для иностранцев

      • Incorrect purpose of travel.

        Even when the documents are perfectly prepared a wrong visa category will result in denial.

      • Incomplete set of documents.

        Even the most unessential document, when missing, will bring your efforts to nought.

      • Incorrect information in visa application form

        There is no sense in embellishing or concealing any facts from your biography – the embassy investigates the data of each applicant more than thoroughly.

      To avoid lots of paperwork and obtain a guaranteed result, one needs to resort to qualified specialists, who will support you at all phases of document preparation and submission.

      Our company helps to obtain UK visa for the nationals of all countries of the world, including former CIS countries: Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan; South-East Asia: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh; Turkey; Africa: Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Congo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Côte d'Ivoire and other countries.

      Required documents

      The set of documents for each visa category may vary, therefore it is wise to check a final list with the specialists assisting in British visa securing or directly at the consulate.

      List of documents for UK visa:

      1. International passport valid for at least 180 days after return home.
      2. Copies of all pages of an internal passport.
      3. Flight booking. Electronic ticket needs to be printed out, and a paper one is to be provided in copy.
      4. Accommodation booking: hotel, hostel, rented apartment – it does not matter.
      5. One photo, 45 * 35mm. The photo must be recent, made not earlier than 6 months before document submission, with no headwear or glasses.
      6. Application form which needs to be completed at the web-site of UK Visa application centre.
      7. Certificate of employment.
      8. Health insurance card.
      9. Bank statement with transaction history and account balance for the last three months as the evidence of financial solvency of an applicant.
      10. The documents certifying the ownership of movable and immovable property.

      UK visa for foreigners is a reachable goal. It is absolutely possible to obtain a permit; the key is to be realistic assessing the prospects of success and to consider professional help. The English are very punctilious, that is why a positive result here requires perfect preparation.

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      Which UK (England) visa needs to be secured?

      There are several categories of visa to enter the territory of the United Kingdom. Everything depends on the purpose of a foreigner’s visit to Great Britain. Sometimes it is a business trip, or it can be an excursion tour, or alternatively a guest visit. Many nationals of the Russian Federation are concerned whether they need to have a visa to go to London, when the purpose of travel is purely tourism. By all means, a visa for UK is required for Russian nationals, and for this very case a specific tourist type of permit is provided.

      Tourist visaTourist visa

      Tourist visa to UK for foreign nationals will work if you would like to visit the country for a short period of time exclusively for the purpose of recreation, shopping or visiting cultural events (festivals, concerts, shows, museums, etc.). It does not entitle to get education or a job. This category of visa is also difficult to obtain, especially if visa history of an Applicant is weak or there are UK visa denials in the past.

      Business visa

      A visa for UK for the nationals of Belarus, Russia, Georgia and other countries who plan to make a business trip can be opened upon the availability of an official invitation from another party in UK, which means a company or a business firm, that is to say a business partner, registered in the territory of Great Britain. This visa category enables to stay in the country for 6 months and deal with the issues connected with business, such as negotiations, conclusion of contracts, etc. within this period of time. The visa is not a single-shot one, which means that visa holder can make several visits to UK within its period of validity.

      Another essential requirement for business visa is actually having your business.

      Student visa

       It is issued to the persons who plan to study in the territory of the United Kingdom. The number of people wishing to get an education at the most prestigious world and European educational institutions and private schools increases every year. And the amount of tuition fee does not matter. A visa to UK for the Russians and foreigners who travel for the purpose of studying falls into several types:

      • Child Student visa;
      • For the students at the age of 16 or over for long-term studies;
      • For short-term studies, special programs or language courses for up to 6 months;
      • For language practices for over 6 months.

      Depending on visa category an Applicant is eligible for, it is necessary to prepare a certain set of papers.

      A basic set consists of the following documents:

      • A statement from the educational institution an applicant studies at

      and a statement of employment, if an applicant is employed;

      • The documents to confirm the availability of a necessary amount on private accountsVisitor visa

      or the accounts of the studies sponsors;

      • The confirmation of the lodging arranged for the whole period of stay;
      • The document issued by the educational institution a student is going to study at;
      • Parental/tutor consent for minors.

      The list can be augmented depending on a specific situation.

      Visitor visa

      A visitor visa is issued to those applicants who have relatives or friends in UK and would like to come to visit them. Key condition for getting this kind of permit is an invitation letter from a receiving party. Moreover, the person sending the letter must be a citizen or a resident of the United Kingdom or have a long-stay visa.

      Furthermore, an Applicant has to provide the evidence of having the place of sojourn for the time of a visit. It does not matter whether this will be a hotel or a rented apartment. If a UK relative or friend covers the expenses for the trip, he/she needs to prove the financial solvency.

      Work visa

      This type of visa is meant for the applicants who plan to arrive in Great Britain with the purpose of business set-up, to get permanently employed or for seasonal works. Speaking about the first case, one of the key conditions is the investment for 50 000 pounds, in two other cases official invitation from the employer is required.

      Apart from the above-mentioned categories, a visa to UK for foreigners can be of transit, religion, family, spouse or seafarer type.

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