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Visa to the USA for foreign nationals

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      Visa to America for Foreigners | Obtaining a visa in Kiev | VISA-SVIT

      Visa to the USA for foreign nationals

      The United States of America is the territory of freedom and massive opportunities. A U.S. visa for foreign nationals is much desired for many people from different countries of the world, but at the same time is one of the most complicated to obtain. This refers not only to the formalities, though complete set of correctly prepared documents is an essential requirement; the country makes extremely stringent requirements for all applicants. The foreigners must be ready for a series of complex bureaucratic procedures, an interview with a visa officer of the U.S. Embassy and thorough examination of the authenticity of the information provided. There is a list of restrictions which define the impossibility of entry to the United States for certain persons, however, sometimes people with no criminal record, mental diseases or negative visa history also get a refusal. In order to go through all the levels of U.S. visa securing successfully, it is better to entrust yourself to the professionals having relevant experience and knowing all the hidden hazards of this complex procedure.

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      U.S. visa for foreigners: major securing difficulties

      Виза в Америку для иностранцев

      There are not so many countries in the world the citizens of which have an opportunity to travel to the USA without visa. Speaking about CIS countries, it is only the nationals of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia who can enter the U.S. with a special electronic visa valid for 90 days and secured directly before the departure at a cost of a few dollars. All the rest need to go through long-running laborious procedures and prepare necessary documents for submission at the consulate in order to obtain a permit. Tourist visits that are so much popular today – the childbirth in America, studies, business trip or a visit to relatives – all these situations require an American visa.

      Visa to the USA for the nationals other countries is obtained in several steps, and practically each of them may be an issue.

      Here is what poses risks to successful receiving of a U.S. visa:

      • Incorrect category chosen.
        There is a fixed number of types of non-immigration visas to the USA. The difficulties often arise already at the stage of choosing the type of a permit, that does not meet the purpose of a visit, which results in visa denial. Each permit type requires the provision of a specific set of documents, compliance with a certain status, having a distinct specialization and narrowly specialized knowledge.
      • Incorrectly completed application.
        Before the interview, foreigners need to complete a visa application form. It is an important document which needs to be drawn up properly. Sometimes an Applicant may become confused and provide incomplete personal information failing to mention unofficial additional income or, on the contrary, indicating it without any confirmation. Such controversial points are better to be solved with the help of professionals who will assist in completing a visa application form correctly and competently.
      • Incorrectly prepared set of documents.
        It does not matter whether a U.S. visa is issued for the national of Belarus, India or for the resident of African countries. The requirements are the same for everyone. It is not enough to simply prepare all the documents according to the list; a visa officer also pays much attention to the supporting certificates, which far not everyone takes care of.
      • Wrong behavior at the interview.
        Even when all the preparation steps left behind, and an Applicant has been invited for an interview, this does not necessarily guarantee a successful outcome. One needs to remember that the officer conducting an interview communicates with a few hundreds of various people every month. This is a real psychologist who can suddenly ask absolutely unexpected question or just stay silent waiting for the reaction of the interlocutor.

      Unfortunately, many of those securing an entry permit for America on their own eventually face with failure and disappointment, and this may happen already during the opening phase. The situation is completely different for those who turn to professionals for help. Our company provides assistance to everyone requesting it: when a visa to U.S. is needed for Belarusians, the nationals of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh, Turkey, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Congo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Côte d'Ivoire and other countries.

      Required documents

      List of documents for U.S. visa securing

      The set of documents can be adjusted depending on the purpose of a trip. The documents must be submitted not earlier than three months before the scheduled visit.

      The basic set for most categories is as follows:

      • International passport (original and copy of all pages). The passport must be valid for at least six months after applicant’s return from America;
      • One colour photo against a white background with the dimensions 5,0 * 5,0;
      • Paid consular fee (it costs 160$);
      • The copy of the documents proving the ownership of property (real estate, automobile);
      • Certificate from the place of employment or studies;
      • Bank statement on the funds flow for the last few months to confirm financial solvency;
      • Birth certificate of minor children;
      • Visa application printed from the web-site (with a unique barcode). 

      Securing visa for the United States of America is a complicated procedure. However, all the phases can be completed in a quick and successful way with the help of professionals. As early as during the first consultation the specialists of our company assess the chance of success for each client, help to prepare documents properly and to get ready for the interview so that to obtain a long-awaited American visa.

      Passport Passport
      ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine
      Bank reference Bank reference
      Certificate of employment Certificate of employment
      Certificate from studies Certificate from studies
      Photo Photo

      Which visa to U.S. needs to be secured?

      Виза в Америку для иностранцев

      There are many different types of visas for entering the United States. Each category has its own requirements and period of validity. There are all together more than ten types of permits to be secured depending on the purpose of a trip.

      Tourist visa (В2)

      A tourist visa to the USA for the nationals of Ukraine and other countries is one of the most popular. Its key advantage lies in the fact that it is issued for a period of 5-10 years. It allows you to travel to the United States, to become a participant at charity events, concerts, competitions, though exclusively on a gratuitous basis, that is without counting on a money reward. The requirements for applicants are strict. Family people who own real estate or have a formal job in their home country have good chance of success. It is also good, if the trip to America is already minutely planned, there is a return ticket and the confirmation of the accommodation booked for a specific period. In other words, the purpose of a visit is stated clearly enough.

      Visitor visa (В2)

      The requirements for applicants are the same as for the tourist visa. It is necessary to convince the officer that the foreigner is not going to emigrate, since he/she has a job, family, property, etc. at home. The permit is issued upon the initiative of a relative or acquaintance living in the United States. A visitor visa allows to stay in the country for 180 days a year.

      Work visa (Н1, Н2, Н3)

      This the document type that is very difficult to obtain. H1 – is a category issued to top-rank specialists, scientists, artists and so on. H2 – is a category for a wider range of professions, which is also eligible for those wishing to get a job at seasonal works. H3 – is for those applicants who heads for the USA for professional development, courses, etc. Key requirements include the invitation from an employer as well as the documents related to education and work experience. The work permit divides into many subcategories. Sportsmen need to secure P category, the executives going to the United States to open a branch of a company need to select L category, and so on. It is very difficult to get a handle on all the nuances on your own, it is better to turn to professionals straight away.

      Business visa (В1)

      This refers to the permit for making business visits: business meetings, negotiations, conferences and so on, and so forth. Key requirements include the invitation from American partner company, round trip tickets and accommodation booking.

      Student visa (F1)

      Виза в Америку для иностранцев

      This permit is issued for the purpose of studying with no age restrictions set. The visa can be applied for both by minors for studying at American schools and by students. Visa period of validity is usually set based on the period of studies and has no restrictions on the number of entries and departures from the country. Married students can apply for F2 visa for their spouses, and minors – for parents who will accompany them if necessary. Besides of that, an essential prerequisite is financial solvency confirmed by relevant bank statements. An applicant may have his/her own funds or be sponsored.

      Visa for a spouse (К1)

      This type of permit is also very complicated in terms of securing, since the country struggles with sham marriages often planned by foreigners in order to immigrate to the United States. It will be necessary to prove the genuineness of relationship, and what’s more, the partners must be financially secure, as the visa does not entitle to employment. A couple must get married not later than 3 months after the arrival of a foreign bride/groom in America.

      A visa to the USA for the nationals other countries can be also transit (С), religious (R1), or the one for seamen (С1 / D).

      How to get a US student visa for foreigners? 
      A US student visa is one of the most difficult types of documents to enter America. 
      It will not be easy to obtain permission on your own, an inexperienced applicant will have to understand many nuances, anticipate all sorts of reasons for refusal and difficulties in registration. 
      We offer professional assistance to students who wish to travel to America to study English to apply for an F1 visa from their home country and obtain a US student visa. 

      Offer to study at a linguistic school. 
      Campus Education Midtown (New York, USA) is a language school that provides students from all over the world with the opportunity to study English as a foreign language professionally. 

      Training programs in 2021: 

       • General English Levels 1A-5B 
      General English from beginner level (1-2 levels) to advanced (5 level). 
       • Academic Preparation Course 
      For students with at least intermediate level of English and those who plan to further study at College / University in the United States. 
       • Examination Preparation course TOEFL 
      For applicants who wish to improve their TOEFL score to enter an American college or graduate school. 
      Campus Education provides its students with the highest level of education and equips students with the language skills they need to succeed in their job search, career development and own business.The school guarantees each student a solid and high-quality academic base, a high level of service by qualified and dedicated staff, as well as a friendly attitude and comprehensive assistance in all matters. 
      The administration of the institution has been successfully cooperating with colleges that accept students from Campus Education for many years. 
      Documentation Provided: 
       - Campus Midtown School Catalog; 
       - Price & Schedule list; 
       - Campus School Calendar. 
      The duration of one full semester is 16 weeks or 24 weeks. 
      After 16 weeks, the student can apply for a month's leave, and after the holidays he can re-enroll for the next semester. 
      After the end of the semester in 24 weeks, 2 months of vacation are given. 
      To register at Campus Midtown and further issue I-20, the following documents are required from a potential student: 
       • A copy of a valid passport. 
       • Bank statement in the amount of at least $ 12,400. If the prospective student has a sponsor, the sponsor must complete the Affidavit of Support. 
       • Student completed school forms: 
       • Application form; 
       • Student Information Form. 
      1. Payment for primary services (not refundable): 
       $ 100 - registration fee / for registration at the school; 
       $ 100 - mailing fee / commission for sending documents to the applicant's country (delivery 3-5 days); 
       $ 150 (50%) - consultations, preparation for an interview, verification and services for registration of the kit documents for submission to the US Consulate.
      Tuition fees are payable upon receipt of the F1 student visa and arrival at the school office. 
      After receiving all the necessary documents from the applicant, the process of checking and processing the submitted documentation and issuing an I-20 begins. It usually takes 7-10 days, in special cases (urgent): 2-3 business days. 
      Applicant receives: 
      Letter of confirmation to the Consul of the United States of America. 
      Form I-20. 
      Sevis fee payment check (if paid through company employees). 
      Notice of Admission. 
      2. Payment after receiving the I-20 (until the moment of applying for an F1 student visa): 
      Sevis fee - $ 350; 
      Consular fee - $ 160; 
       $ 150 (50%) - consultations, preparation for an interview, verification and services for the preparation of a set of documents for submission to the US consulate. 
      After receiving the documents and paying the required fees, the candidate (on the appointed date) must arrive for an interview with the visa officer of the US Consulate. 
      3. Upon arrival at the school, a contract for training is signed with the candidate and the final payment is made: 
      Semester cost: 16 weeks - $ 1595/24 weeks - $ 2495; 
       $ 75 for materials / textbooks; 
       $ 10 - for a student ID. 
      In case of visa refusal (force majeure), the applicant has the right to re-register for the interview without additional fees. 

      * It is necessary to inform the responsible officer of "VISA-SVIT" about the applicant's intention to re-submit documents (for further support of the I-20 in active mode. The term for re-submission is limited!) 
      Restrictions on age and country of residence no. 
      After receiving an F1 study visa and arriving at the office of an American language school, the student is registered for the selected semester (16 weeks or 24 weeks). 
      Immigration and Visa Agency "VISA- SVIT offers professional assistance to anyone planning to study in the United States and seeking a US student visa 2021.

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