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Work visa and residence permit in Slovakia

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      Visa to Slovakia | Work visa to Slovakia. Guarantee | VISA-SVIT

      Work visa and residence permit in Slovakia

      based on private entrepreneurship (Živnost) registration
      (temporary residence permit for 2+2 years + permanent residence permit in Europe)

      The «živnostník» status allows the national of any country to do business, to work and render commercial services in other countries of the European Union!

      Many local employers do not hire wage workers, but cooperate only with private entrepreneurs instead (which is more profitable for both parties), since this implies a much higher salary of the «živnostník-workers» than in case of a standard hired labour, and an employer does not need to maintain a «dual accounting».

      The benefits of the owner of Slovak ID-card

      • When a temporary residence permit card is extended (3rd time), a permanent residence permit card can be obtained, and in 5 years – a passport of the citizen of the European Union;
      • Stable economy and economical safety allow doing business in all EU countries;
      • Official employment in the countries of the European Union (for this purpose one needs to obtain A1 form and to observe certain rules);
      • Entitlement to a temporary residence permit in Europe for the whole family via «reunion»;
      • Tuition-free education at preschool, secondary and higher educational institutions;
      • Continuous and unhampered stay in the territory of Europe;
      • Free high-quality medical assistance of the European level for adults and children;
      • Welfare payment for each child 350 euro per year;
      • Legalization of living and working in the countries of the European Union;

      Eligibility to obtain a credit, mortgage loan or to get leasing at European rate starting from 1,5% per annum. 

      Securing procedure in brief

      • Registration of a private entrepreneur in Slovakia (processing time 7-10 days);
      • Getting a legal address and place of residence registration (secured for 2 years);
      • Obtaining a residence permit (after receiving the status of a private entrepreneur).

      Immigration lawyer of our company will support an Applicant during the whole process of Slovak ID-card securing. 

      Processing period «on a turn-key basis»: 2-3 months.

      The list of documents to be provided by an Applicant to obtain a national D-type visa to Slovakia in the country of residence

      (scanned copies of a good quality in pdf-format, better to be provided all in one file)

      •  passport;
      • ID-card and the certificate of place of residence registration (if there is a residence permit in Ukraine);
      • notarized power of attorney to the representative of the company (certified at the Consulate of Slovakia);
      • recent photo 3.5*4.5, 80% of face;
      • certificate of no criminal record (apostilled).

      Phases of ID-card securing and payment

      PHASE 1

      • Preparing a set of documents in the territory of Slovakia to register private entrepreneurship.
      • Secured by an immigration lawyer of our company without the presence of an Applicant.

      Processing time: 3-4 weeks.

      • Payment (1-st part): 1500 euro.

      PHASE 2 Преимущества владельца ID-карты Словакии

      • Submitting the documents to obtain a national D-type visa in the country of residence (at the Consulate of Slovakia).
      • Sending complete set of documents of a private entrepreneur in Slovakia to an Applicant for further submission for a national D-type visa (originals and scanned copies – upon request).
      • Booking an appointment at the Embassy of Slovakia, document submission for a D-type visa.
      • Processing time: 10-14 days.
      • Obtaining a national D-type visa by an Applicant (visa validity period > 30 days).

      There must be the minimum balance in a bank account (according to the requirements of the Embassy of Slovakia in a certain country).

      • Payment (2-nd part): 1 000 euro.

      PHASE 3

      • Arrival of an Applicant in Slovakia, Bratislava/Trenčín.
      • Meeting with an immigration lawyer of our company.
      • Opening a business and personal bank account.

      The police service recommends to have 100 € balance in a personal bank account.

      • Provision of biometrics data by an Applicant (fingerprints) at the migration police to obtain a temporary residence permit ID-card for Slovakia (processing time 30-45 days). Our lawyer support.

      PHASE 4

      • Obtaining a temporary residence permit ID-card for Slovakia at the migration police by an authorized representative of an Applicant.
      • Sending an ID-card to the specified address (optional).
      • Payment (3-rd part): 500 euro.

      Securing fee for the nationals of different countries and additional services:

      • 3 500 euro;
      • 1 000 euro (children, husband/wife – family reunion after an Applicant obtains the card).
      • 1 000 euro (obtaining a permanent residence permit card).

      Obligations after getting an ID-card:

      • Medical examination (within 1 month after receiving the card): 130-180 euro;
      • Making contract (may be done remotely) for compulsory medical insurance with an insurance company, and payment for health insurance card: 78 euro/month.

      3-rd card (after 2-nd extension of a temporary residence permit card 2+2 years) is granted as a permanent residence permit!

      *When necessary, an A1 certificate for employment in Germany and other countries of the European Union can be secured!

      Obligatory payments for a private entrepreneur

      • medical insurance fee: from 72 euro/month (is calculated from the moment of Živnost registration);
      • social insurance fee (150 euro/month) with the turnover > 6 400 euro per year.

      If the turnover is < 6 400 euro – social insurance fee must be paid too, but only in the 2-nd, 3-rd year.*

      * The amount is calculated and charged by Social Insurance Fund.

      In order to extend a temporary residence permit, it is necessary to conduct your entrepreneurial activity!

      If an applicant engages in the entrepreneurial activities

      • income tax: 15% (if the turnover > 50 000 euro – income tax is 19%);

      If an applicant does NOT engage in the entrepreneurial activities

      • minimum tax payment – three subsistence minimums (around 600 euro);


      • Book-keeping is not mandatory, however at the beginning it is highly recommended to call in the accountant for teaching financial literacy;
      • Book-keeping services (including an annual report) cost from 30 euro per month;
      • The reports must be submitted by 31.12; settlement of taxes – by 31.03;
      • The fee for drawing up 1 invoice is starting from 70 euro (one must issue the minimum of 6 invoices per year).

      Cost of Slovak visa securing

      Be ready to provide additional documents upon the request of visa officer at the Embassy. Based on the type of activity, you may possibly need to provide the documents certifying the purpose of travel, health insurance card, certificate of clean criminal record and certificate of mental health. When complete set of documents has been submitted, it is necessary to pay visa application charge, that is 35 euro. But for those cases when you need to get this authorization document on an urgent basis the fee is around 70 euro. Exact amount of all possible expenses is better to be checked beforehand consulting a visa manager. It is recommended to clarify all the details by the time of application to avoid unexpected circumstances during actual process.

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      Work visa to Slovakia 

      Constant lack of personnel at Slovak enterprises has led to a big number of people wishing to start out for this Eastern Europe country to earn money. The nationals of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan go to Slovak enterprises to get a job, while Slovaks are now considering other European countries as popular to find a job and earn money: Great Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, France, etc. The wages in the European Union are much higher for CIS countries nationals than those offered in their native countries, and young people with a limited work experience can easier get a job here. In order to get entitled to conduct legal working activity within Slovakia, one needs to obtain Slovak work visa for foreign nationals, since otherwise working activity is prohibited. The specialists of Visa-Svit company with their longstanding professional experience will help to prepare complete set of documents and obtain a work visa to Europe.

      Visa to Slovakia for foreign nationals

      Work visa to Slovakia enables to take both unskilled and most qualified and high-demand positions:

      • Building industry – engineers, bricklayers, storekeepers, plasterers;Рабочая виза в Словакию для иностранцев
      • Tourism services – guides, conductors; 
      • Service sector – administrators, waiters, maids;
      • Car service – mechanics, washermen;
      • IT sector – software programmers, network administrators;
      • Medicine – pharmacists, nurses, ward attendants;
      • Wood-processing industry – sawmill operators, carpenters;
      • Agricultural sector – wine makers, stockbreeders, rouseabouts;
      • Trade – food and household product sales specialists;
      • Management – consultants, salespeople, administrative staff.

      Slovakia has established all the conditions for attraction of investors and creation of new projects. The demand for Slovak work visa will most probably grow as well as the list of suggested vacancies. Remember to pay heed to the Slovak and English language to be able to become a part of a local company and take a well-paid position. And to get employed legally it is essential to obtain Slovak work visa for foreign nationals.

      Wage level in Slovakia for employees with a work visa

      The minimum wage in Slovakia is 623 euro per month. It is less than in many countries in Europe. However, assessing the level of complexity of the position held it becomes clear that the work gets here higher appraisal compared to the country of residence. A work visa to Slovakia enables to make even 2 000 euro per month depending on the position aspired to by an Applicant and the city he/she is going to work in. IT sphere makes it possible to earn upwards of 1 000 euro having a proper visa. And medicine provides earnings within 900 euro on average. Prices for food are low in this country, therefore there is a possibility to put money aside and use for some other purposes.

      Required documents

      Documents required to obtain a work visa

      Getting Slovak work visa is impossible without an official invitation from future employer. The document should contain the following information:

      • Information about the company or entrepreneur hiring an Applicant;
      • Residence address;
      • Bank settlement account number;
      • Position to be occupied by a foreigner;
      • Expected wage rate of the employee;
      • Employee’s address of living in Slovakia;
      • Standard set of documents required to apply for Slovak visa.

      The set of documents consists of:

      • Visa application form (one may get it directly at visa application center or download from the official web-site of the Consulate). Visa application form needs to be filled out in Latin characters, then printed and signed. Make sure the information in visa application form is exactly the same as in your international passport;
      • International passport. Its expiration date must be not earlier than three months after coming back home. And if you change your last name, remember to change your international passport as well;
      • 2 photos for visa application form, with the dimensions of 4,5х3,5 cm, against a white background;
      • Internal passport (original) and copies of all the pages with records; 
      • Original taxpayer identification number card and its copy;
      • Copy of marriage/divorce certificate;
      • Bank statement. It can be of several types: containing the information about salary for the last six months, or about Applicant’s account balance – a certain amount in Euro, or it can be a notarized statement from a sponsor for those cases when an immigrant does not have enough funds.

      Passport Passport
      ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine
      Certificate from studies Certificate from studies
      Photo Photo

      What is needed to secure a work visa

      Slovak work visa has a standard algorithm:

      • An applicant finds a future employer and desired position;Рабочая виза в Словакию для иностранцев
      • Two parties discuss the details of business relationship;
      • A future employee provides the information on his/her qualification;
      • If a candidate is fit for the job offered, an employer prepares either a work permit for the foreigner or a work contract specifying job title and wage rate;
      • An applicant receives a permit and can sign the contract;
      • An applicant starts document preparation to get a work visa;
      • Once the documents are ready, an applicant pays visa fee;
      • Then it is necessary to book the date of document submission;
      • An applicant personally provides all necessary documents at the Embassy;
      • An applicant receives his/her international passport with visa.

      Processing period for Slovak visa

      Before leaving for Slovakia to conduct private business activity, make sure you have all required documents as well as proper visa secured well in advance. National «D» type work visa is issued on the basis of set of documents collected and submitted to the Embassy of Slovakia in the country of Applicant’s residence. The specialists of our company will help to book an appointment at the Embassy for submitting required forms and getting a «D» type visa for the period of up to 30 days. Please note, for getting a national visa personal attendance of an Applicant is a must. Processing period ranges from 10 to 14 days. When necessary, our company’s lawyers secure a temporary residence permit in Slovakia for 2 years. This kind of service is provided upon Applicant’s arrival in the country.

      Benefits of securing a work visa to Slovakia

      It is important to remember that working activity in the territory of Slovakia without a work visa is illegal. Theoretically, one may receive the offers for seasonal work omitting visa securing process. Accepting such offers, you need to be ready to get no payment for the work done, since the only possible way to work here legally without a work visa is volunteering. Apart from financial losses, there is also a possibility of deportation, which will make further entry to EU countries rather complicated. After considering all the pros and cons, there is no need to prove the advantages of having all necessary authorization documents – entrust yourself to the specialists of our visa company, who will help you to collect required documents and complete all forms. Make an appointment with our specialist to get the consultation on how to obtain a work visa for the nationals of India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh, Turkey, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Congo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Côte d'Ivoire and other countries. Legal working activity is the guarantee of your safety and comfort stay in the countries of the European Union.

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