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Residence permit in Slovakia

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      Residence permit in Slovakia | Immigration to Slovakia | VISA-SVIT

      Residence permit in Slovakia

      Вид на жительство в Словакии

      For the last few years, the residents of different developing countries more and more often plan to get a residence permit in Europe through regularization of stay in Slovakia. The country perfectly suits for emigration, since it offers a lot of benefits for every social category: students aspire to free education, workers and employees – to a decent job and fair wage, and businessmen – to a moderate tax take and generally loyal conduct of business. Besides, the process of securing Slovak residence permit is much more simple comparing to a number of other European countries. Well-developed infrastructure, minimal corruption, stable prices and high level of social protection – all this attracts more and more seekers every year.

      Immigration to Slovakia – what are the benefits?

      Getting residence permit in Slovakia in 2021 – is an aim for many foreign nationals, especially for the citizens of CIS and South-East Asia countries. This eastern European state offers a number of essential benefits, which makes immigration to Slovakia so much attractive. In most European countries it is rather complicated to acquire temporary or particularly permanent residence permit even through business immigration procedure, to say nothing of immigration documents obtaining for the whole family.

      Describing the benefits for the owners of Slovak ID cards, here is what is worth emphasizing in the first place:

      • Registration of permanent residence in the state territory in 4 years in temporary residence permit status.
      • Unimpeded traveling to more than 26 countries of European Union.
      • Possibility to set up your own business in European market.

      Having business in Slovakia an entrepreneur can work also in other EU countries as well as open affiliates and offer the product under EU trademark.

      • European prospects for family members, including minor children. The quality of education in European Union is rather high, and studies at state educational institutions is gratuitous.
      • Favourable terms of bank crediting, mortgaging in particular. For example, a foreign national family having officially lived for at least one year in the country can count on a mortgage loan for a term of 30 years at maximum 2% interest per annum. Not a single state in Europe offers that kind of loyal conditions.

      In other words, Slovakia is an ideal medium for integration into European medium and successful business development in European Union. The government is interested in the inflow of talented personalities, specialists in different areas and promising businessmen, who will make an important contribution to the development of local culture and economics.

      Advantages of getting residence permit in Slovakia on the grounds of business (business immigration)

      1. Family members of the entrepreneur can also submit the documents for moving along with him/her.
      2. Temporary residence permit card is issued for 2 years with the option of extension for 2 years.
      3. After 2+2 years of temporary residence permit status one has the option to obtain a permanent residence permit, and then – EU citizenship.
      4. There is no need to provide employment opportunities, as it is required in Croatia or Poland, for instance.
      5. Low threshold of required company income for temporary residence permit extension.
      6. No corruption, and tax authority loyalty to foreign businessmen.
      7. Income tax payment does exceed 15%, if annual business volume is not less than 100 000 Euro.

      Emigration to Slovakia in the status of a businessman can be carried out in two ways: private enterprise registration (a temporary residency permit on the grounds of Živnosť) or commercial entity setting up.

      Статистика страныStatistics

      Statistics on the results of VISA-SVIT on the issuance of ID-cards for a temporary residence permit in Slovakia for 2021

      • 344 Total applications
      • 342 Visas issued
      • 2 Rejected
      Positive decisions made 0%

      Payment and id card securing phases

      Phase 1

      Preparation of documents package in the territory of Slovakia to set up a private enterprise.

      Without the presence of an Applicant. Processing period: 3-4 weeks.

      Fee (citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus / other countries): 1000 / 1500 Euro.

      Phase 2

      Document submission for a national visa D type in the country od residence (in the Consulate of the Slovak Republic).

      • Преимущества получения вида на жительство в СловакииShipping of complete set of documents of a private entrepreneur in Slovakia to an Applicant for further submission for a national D type visa (originals or scanned copies – as required).
      • Booking of appointment at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic, document submission for D type visa. Processing period: 10-14 days.
      • Receipt of national D type visa by an Applicant (visa validity period > 30 days).

      * It is required to have the minimum balance on a bank account (pursuant to the requirements of Slovak embassy in a specific country).

      Fee: 1000 Euro.

      Phase 3

      • Applicant’s arrival in Slovakia, Bratislava.
      •   Meeting with an immigration lawyer of our company.
      •   Biometrics data submission by an Applicant (finger prints) to the migration police for getting ID card for temporary residence permit in Slovakia (production time – up to 30 days). Lawyer support.

      Phase 4

      • Receipt of ID card for temporary residence permit in Slovakia by Applicant’s representative at the migration police.

      *Shipping of ID card to a specified address (optional).

      Fee: 500 Euro.

      Total cost of securing for the citizens of different countries:

      • 2500 Euro (citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus);
      • 3000 Euro (citizens of other countries);
      • 1000 Euro (children, husband/wife — family reunion — after the card receipt by an Applicant).

      Obligations after ID card receipt

      • Medical examination: 150 Euro; without the presence – 300 Euro;
      • Health insurance card fee – 78 Euro/month;
      • Payment of tax for the 2nd year (total: 400-500 Euro/year).

      * It is required to have the minimum balance on a bank account equaling 5000 Euro.

      3rd card (after the 2nd extension of the card for a temporary residence permit 2+2 years), issued for a permanent residence permit !!!!

      *when necessary, making out A1 Certificate for posted workers (to Germany).

      Required documents

      Terms of getting a temporary residence permit on the grounds of setting up private enterprise
      (Further extension for 2 years, obtaining a permanent residence permit and EU citizenship)

      Processing period: 2-3 months.

      List of documents to be provided by an applicant to acquire national D-type visa of Slovakia in the country of residence
      (good quality scanned copies in pdf file format, preferably all in one file)

      • national passport or ID card with residence registration details;
      • international passport;
      • taxpayer identification number;
      • notarized power of attorney for the company representative (certified in the Consulate of the Slovak Republic);
      • recent photo 3.5*4.5, 80% of face;
      • certificate of clean criminal record (apostilled);
      • translation and apostillation of documents (for an extra fee).
      Passport Passport
      ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine
      Bank reference Bank reference
      Certificate of employment Certificate of employment
      Certificate from studies Certificate from studies
      Photo Photo

      What does an entrepreneur need to know while registering a company (LLC)?

      • The minimum amount of financial solvency must be 21 500 Euro, that is equal to 100 subsistence minimums.
      • An income tax is 15%, however, there is also a dividend tax, which is 7%.
      • There can be several company executives.

      What do one need to know about private entrepreneur?

      • While registering a private entrepreneur, it is necessary to prove one’s financial stability, notably to provide a bank statement certifying the balance equal to 20 subsistence minimums on account. As of 2021, it is 215 Euro or 4298 Euro.
      • To acquire a health insurance card, complete package (the fee is about 80 Euro per month).
      • So far, there are no social insurance contributions required, however, the government is preparing the amendments, so it is likely to be necessary to pay about 160 Euro of the contribution next year.
      • Income tax amounts to 15% per annum, however, there is a fixed minimum amount that is not subject to tax – it is 4500 Euro.

      Вид на жительство в Словакии 2021 - другие способы получения

      In order to establish a company in Slovakia, one needs to undergo several phases. First of all, it is necessary to make up a unique name, that has not been registered in the national register. Then one needs to arrange a registered office address, to name a director who will be authorized to sign, and to create a Memorandum of Association. Having all these documents it is necessary to register with the Trade register. Usually the procedure takes 6 business days.

      Then goes the registration with the Tax authority. After these two phases the company officially begins to exist, and the foreigner can now submit the documents for obtaining a temporary residence permit. A final phase will be the submission of the excerpt from the Trade register to the immigration police and getting Slovakia temporary residence permit proper. It is required to provide additionally 2 photos, an application and certificate of clean criminal record. Moreover, you need to provide a business plan clearly specifying your company operations, their expediency and potential for the economy of specific country region.

      Standard document processing time is 3 months, provided that an applicant provided complete and correct set of required forms. It is recommended to turn to experienced and qualified migration specialists for assistance, since drawing up a business plan and going through all the phases on their own the foreigners often make a lot of mistakes, thus raising financial expenses and dragging on the procedure of registration.

      Residence permit in Slovakia in 2021 — other ways to obtain

      • Immigration for employment. It can be whether full-blown employment or seasonal works. First of all, it is necessary to find a local employer, who has registered his company in the The Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, posted available vacancies and is ready to hire foreigners. People from all countries: Ukrainians, Russians, Georgians, Azerbaijani, Belarusians, Armenians, Kazakhs or Uzbeks – the rules are the same for everyone. After getting officially employed, approximately in 1 month, one can start collecting documents for getting residence permit in Slovakia. Apart from a work contract, one needs to have a completed application, 2 photos, residence registration, certificate of clean criminal record and stamp duty payment receipt (around 150 Euro).
      • Education. Full-time study is mandatory. There are private and state universities in the country, and most of them require to know Slovak language, however, there are some of them who work with English-speaking students. It is possible to considerably expedite the whole securing procedure having turned to the specialists for assistance.
      • Moving through special programs: for healthcare professionals, scientists, cultural professionals, sportspeople or in case of internship.
      • Through EU Blue Card. This way works only for top-ranked specialists, people of shortage professions in EU, who also know the language of the country they are going to move to. This card type provides excellent conditions, however, far from everyone can receive it.
      • Family reunion, or moving upon the presence of ethnical Slovaks in one’s family.

      Residence permit in Slovakia is accessible for the citizens of all countries.

      Roughly summarizing the process of getting a residence permit in Slovakia, it can be conveniently classified into 3 phases:

      1. Document collection, depending on the way of immigration, their submission to the Embassy of Slovak Republic or the immigration police.
      2. Processing of documents by competent authorities and awaiting the decision of granting.
      3. Registration of the status and plastic card.

      There is no doubt, moving to live in Slovakia is an optimal option for those who want to integrate into Europe in a quick and relatively budget-friendly manner. Immigrant’s family members receive documents at the same time as the principal applicant does under the program of family reunion. This very country makes it possible without longstanding paper chase and organizational procedures.

      It is also important to know that one needs to stay constantly in the country without leaving for more than 180 days per year not to lose temporary residence ID card.

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