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Schengen visa | Schengen visa for non-residents of Ukraine

Schengen visa

Schengen visa for non-residents of Ukraine

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      Schengen visa | Schengen visa for non-residents of Ukraine

      Schengen visa

      Schengen visa for non-residents of Ukraine

      To obtain a Schengen visa a foreigner needs to go through a rather complicated process of document securing. Whether a Schengen visa is needed for the nationals of Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or other CIS countries, it is necessary to collect a certain package of documents defined by the regulations of the EU country chosen.
      All securing stages can be completed in the quickest possible way without needless complications or mistakes with the help of experienced specialists of «VISA-SVIT» visa support centre. 

      Types of visa for Schengen countries

      Type «C» Schengen visa is to be obtained for certain purposes. It allows the candidate to move freely around all the countries of the Schengen area in the European Union. This type of Schengen visa can be granted for tourism or business purposes or for visiting relatives and friends, for studies, participation in conferences and seminars, teaching, recuperation and treatment, participation in sports and cultural events.
      The type of visa entry permit has a direct impact on the allowed period of stay in the country chosen as well as the number of entries to its territory. A multiple entry visa (multi-visa) entitles to unlimited entries. And a single-entry visa (one-time visa) allows to enter the country for a strictly defined period of time without the right of repeated visits.

      Schengen visa (type «C») – the most popular categories:

      • C 01 – tourism;
      • C 02 – visiting relatives or friends (visitor’s visa);
      • C 03 – participation in sports events (sports);
      • C 04 – doing business (business);
      • C 06 – participation in conferences, cultural programs (cultural);
      • C 09 – studies at the institutes, universities, academies (studies);
      • C 10 – professional activity;
      • C 12 – teaching and training;
      • C 13 – conducting scientific researches, seminars and conferences (science);
      • C 14 – recuperation and treatment (medical).

       The category of visa chosen defines the procedure of securing, the list of required documents and period of validity of the permit. С01-С06 (tourist, visitor’s, sports, cultural visa) can be obtained for the period of up to 90 days; С09-С14 (studies, student, work, teaching, scientific, medical visa) – for the whole period as requested.
      The remark (Number of entries) indicates the allowed number of entries to the country: 01 (one), 02 (two) or MULT (unlimited number of visits).

      Schengen visa for the European Union countries

      In order to obtain a Schengen visa by yourself, it is necessary to have certain knowledge and skills. We recommend you to consult experienced and qualified lawyers and experts of our Visa support centre, who will advise you on the set of required documents as well as on further steps to be done. In this case a visa to any country of the European Union will be guaranteed for all foreign nationals within the shortest possible time at affordable price.

      A visa to Hungary for a period of 7-14 days, 6 months or 1 year for non-residents of Ukraine can be obtained with a guarantee and payment upon visa receipt!

      Our visa experts dealing with European countries will investigate each application case individually and carefully check available documents, so that to provide their conclusions with regard to the guaranteed receipt of a Schengen visa in Kyiv. After the preparation of the documents for getting a EU visa, they should be thoroughly checked by a dedicated expert and then submitted at the consulate or a visa centre of the country to be visited for subsequent receiving an entry permit. If an Applicant does not want to handle the securing procedure on his/her own, an experienced visa specialist can be really an ultimate aid – this option is the most preferable, as it allows to increase the chances of successful Schengen visa receipt in Ukraine manifold and accelerate the whole process.


      Schengen visa denial

      A common reason for a EU visa denial is a low income of the applicant, that does not meet a subsistence minimum of the country chosen. In order to confirm available income one may provide the statement of employment, tax statement of business registration, pensioner document, the document certifying the right of ownership of real estate, bank statement, etc. It is also necessary to provide the documents confirming the purpose of the visit to the country.


      Schengen visa for foreign nationals
      having a residence permit in Ukraine

      The nationals of foreign countries residing temporarily or permanently in the territory of Ukraine and having a residence permit in Ukraine, have an opportunity to apply for a Schengen visa with no need to leave the country. This is one of the benefits of this authorization document which makes it possible to travel through the territory of 26 states of the Schengen Area: Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Greece and other countries.

      An important point ensuring a positive result while applying for a Schengen visa in Ukraine for foreigners (nationals of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, the countries of Africa and the Middle East) is a record in an international passport about a residence permit in Ukraine granted to a non-resident (for temporary or permanent residence in the territory of the country). It is also important for the applicant to be not on the list of Schengen information system for delinquents (SIS database).

      In order to apply for a Schengen visa for non-residents of Ukraine, one needs to contact the visa application center or the consulate of the country to be visited, or to make use of competent assistance of the experts of «Visa-Svit» visa agency in Kyiv.

      Our visa and immigration centre provides Schengen visa securing for Russian nationals in Ukraine, Belarusians and other foreign nationals under the procedure simplified to the extent possible, including also the one on an urgent basis (an urgent Schengen visa, for 1 day!).

      Schengen visa securing on a general basis for non-residents of Ukraine is possible with a guarantee and payment upon visa receipt.


      Service package includes:

      • an expert consultation of dedicated specialists, assistance in completing a visa application form;
      • preparation and checking of the documents provided;
      • attendance at the consulate (for visa with a guarantee);
      • the service of consular fee payment and delivery of passport with a visa to an applicant.

      Consular fee is to be paid additionally (depends on the citizenship of the Applicant):

      • 35 € - for the nationals of Belarus;
      • 80-120 € for the nationals of other countries.

      The payment can be done in hryvnia equivalent.
      Children (under 18) do not need to pay a consular fee.

      Schengen visa for foreign nationals having a residence permit in Ukraine

      Шенгенская виза с гарантией и оплатой по факту получения

      Fee for securing a Schengen visa on a common basis:

      • Schengen visa for non-residents of Ukraine with a temporary/permanent residence permit – 150 euro;
      • Schengen visa for Ukrainian nationals having no biometrical international passport – 90 euro.
      • Fee for Schengen visa securing with guarantee and payment upon receipt:

      - For CIS countries nationals residing in Ukraine with a temporary/permanent residence permit – 500 euro;

      - For the nationals of any country residing in Ukraine with a temporary/permanent residence permit – 600 euro.

      The fee includes:

      • Expert consultation of dedicated experts, assistance in completing a visa application form,
      • Preparation and check of the documents provided,
      • Attendance at the consulate (for visa with guarantee),
      • The service of consular fee payment and delivery of passport with visa to an applicant.

      Consular fee amount is to be paid additionally and depends on the urgency of visa processing: 80/160 euro.
      Visa processing for one business day implies a doubled consular fee.
      The payment is to be made in hryvnia equivalent.
      Minors under 18 years old do not need to pay a consular fee.

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      Статистика страныStatistics

      VISA-SVIT statistics on the issuance of Schengen visas for 2021

      • 1698 Total applications
      • 1689 Visas issued
      • 9 Rejected
      Positive decisions made 0%

      How to obtain a Schengen visa in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Odesa, Lviv, Uzhhorod and other cities of Ukraine

      How to obtain a Schengen visa in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa and other cities of Ukraine?

      Regardless of the country you need a visa to, whether it’s Hungary, Italy, Spain, Germany, France or a Schengen visa to some other European country, being at the interview at the consulate, it is important to convince a visa officer of your true goal of visiting the country. This can be cultural, political, religious or sports events, educational goals, a private visit to your friends or relatives, business issue or tourism.


      Visa for Europe – how long does it take?

      The period of processing of the documents submitted usually does not exceed two weeks, however, the experts of our agency can secure an urgent Schengen visa in Kyiv with a guaranteed receipt just in 1-3 days after the document submission! The period of validity of such permit will be 180 days (in this case the rule of stay applies – no more than 90 days in the territory of EU countries within each 6 months).

      Normally the process of securing a Schengen visa for the nationals of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Afghanistan and other countries of South-East Asia takes around 1-2 weeks, but it may also take up to a month or more. This is linked to the necessity of checking the information and clarification of each applicant’s data.
      When visa is issued, the candidate gets a notification on the phone and e-mail. To get an entry permit, one needs to visit a visa application center or consulate in person strictly on a specified date and time.

      As of today, the countries known to be the most loyal to the foreigners applying for a Schengen visa are Hungary, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Poland and Slovakia. Therefore, it is preferable to submit the documents at their consulates. By doing so, one needs to remember that visa permit issued for one country is valid not only for this country, but also for all the countries within the Schengen area.

      Required documents

      • Passport with the copies of all pages (international passport);
      • Document of a resident of Ukraine (temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine) with the copies of all pages;
      • 2 photos of a standard form (in colour);
      • Statement of employment and earnings for the last six months;
      • Bank statement of available balance on a card/settlement account.

      Visa application center or the consulate of the country to be visited may additionally request:

      • flight tickets confirming the dates of arrival to and departure from the country;
      • official letter from the inviting party;
      • information about your planned place of living (hotel booking or contract of tenancy), etc.

      Additionally, it is necessary to fill in a questionnaire and provide your health insurance card (issued only by an accredited medical provider and valid for 6 months).

      Please, note!
      A Schengen visa is not to be secured for Ukrainian nationals. Entering Schengen area countries is possible only for those having a biometric passport.

      All foreign applicants residing in Ukraine need to have a Schengen visa.

      Passport Passport
      ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine
      Bank reference Bank reference
      Certificate of employment Certificate of employment
      Certificate from studies Certificate from studies
      Photo Photo

      Professional assistance of the experts  

      Thorough knowledge of current European regulations, many years of experience in securing Schengen visa for Ukrainians as well as for non-residents of Ukraine (visa for Poland, visa for Lithuania, visa for Germany, visa for Hungary, visa for France, visa for Greece, visa for Italy, visa for Spain, visa for Sweden, visa for Norway, visa for the Netherlands and other countries of the European Union), and affordable prices make our advantages and achievements. 


      Why is «Visa-Svit» visa centre worth choosing for getting a Schengen visa in Ukraine?

      • Extensive experience of the company (working since 2002 with the nationals of all countries);
      • A guarantee of obtaining a visa (we do not accept passports of the applicants, who are unlikely to obtain a visa, as found from our experience);
      • Positive reviews from real clients (our customer base is considerably growing each year, and we are truly grateful to every customer for positive reviews about our work);
      • Payment upon getting a visa in your passport (full payment for the services provided is made only upon the delivery of passport with a Schengen visa to the applicant);
      • Professional team (visa experts, international lawyers and immigration specialists are always ready to help everyone approaching our agency);
      • Reasonable service prices (we exercise monitoring of visa service market on a regular basis and adhere to the requirements on optimal prices provision for our clients).

      Schengen visa. Guarantee. Payment after delivery!

      Cooperation steps

      100% warranty of quality

      Submit a request for a service
      Submit a request for a service
      Consult our expert
      Consult our expert
      Provide the documents for checking
      Provide the documents for checking
      Pay necessary fees
      Pay necessary fees
      Get a positive decision
      Get a positive decision
      Submit a request

      Our offices are located in Ukraine and Europe.
       Working remotely with the nationals of all countries

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