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Work visa and temporary residence permit in Romania

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      Work visa to Romania  | Residence permit. Guarantee | VISA-SVIT

      Work, work visa and temporary residence permit in Romania

      (for ALL nationals)

      Validity period of the card: 2 years + extension + obtaining a permanent residence ID-card.

      Processing time: 2-3 months.

      Статистика страныStatistics

      VISA-SVIT statistics on the issuance of work visas to Romania for 2021

      • 1366 Total applications
      • 1360 Visas issued
      • 6 Rejected
      Positive decisions made 0%

      Required documents

      List of the documents required for securing a work visa and a work permit

      (scanned copy of good quality in pdf-format, preferably all in one file)

      • International passport;
      • Internal passport or ID-card with the certificate of registration of the place of residence;
      • For women: the documents with a surname at birth and mother’s surname at birth;
      • Birth certificate;
      • Marriage / divorce certificate;
      • Certificate of secondary education;
      • Recent photo: 3.5*4.5, 80% of face;
      • Certificate of no criminal record (ORIGINAL) with the translation and apostille.

      *In order to apply for a work visa, it is necessary to fill in a questionnaire.

      Passport Passport
      ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine
      Certificate from studies Certificate from studies
      Photo Photo

      Phases of work visa and id-card securing

      • Phase 1: Securing a work permit in Romania without the attendance of an Applicant.Prepayment: 300 € (before starting work) / 200 € (after submitting of documents and receipt of confirmation of the "coupon": 30-45 days).
      • Phase 2:  Sending of a work permit to an Applicant for him/her to apply for a work visa. Fee: 1000 € (after receiving a set of documents - photo/scan copy).
      • Phase 3: Submission of the documents at the embassy and obtaining a work visa valid for 90 days by an Applicant. Fee: 500 € (after obtaining a Rumanian work visa).

        *In case of underpayment of a residual amount a visa will be annulled!

      • Phase 4:
        • Applicant’s arrival in Romania to the place of work.
        • Meeting with an employer, signing a work contract and other related documents.
        • Receiving a temporary residence ID-card by an Applicant (after 2 months of work).

      *Once the card is received, it is possible to reunite with children as well as obtain a Schengen visa and a temporary residence permit in the European Union!

      • ID-card is to be received personally by an Applicant.

        *the timing may vary depending on the quarantine measures.

      • We do not accept for securing the clients with the cases of deportation; those based in Schengen information system (SIS) for delinquents; those possibly having fines in the EU (the fines must be paid before applying for a work visa).
      • Securing fee: 2 000 € – for citizens of all countries!

      Now hiring: men and women up to 50 years old (elder candidates are discussed individually)

      Work schedule: 6 days a week, 8-11 hours a day, overtime work is possible (optional)

      Place of work:

      • Work at meat processing and packing plant in Romania (Timișoara)

      The workshop for processing and preparation of meat products for the subsequent production of sausages. Meat industry combine.

      Conditions of work at meat processing and packing plant:

      • Production of natural sausage casing;Рабочая виза и ВНЖ в Румынии
      • The work is not difficult, not a refrigerator – the work on the assembly line in a warm workshop;
      • Work experience is not required (training is free);
      • Tight-knit unanimous team. People working for years;
      • Respectful attitude and timely payment for the work done;
      • Language of communication: English, Romanian, Russian;
      • Absolutely legal employment with all necessary taxes paid;
      • The uniform is provided;
      • Medical care and insurance are covered by the company!

      Accommodation for employees is free, in the apartments with all amenities: from 2 to 4 people in a room. *Married couples are provided with a separate room!

      Transportation to the place of work and back is free.

      Number of working hours(on average) 200-280 hours per month.

      Salary (average monthly take-home pay) 850-950 €.

      Salary advances are paid after 2 weeks worked.

      Information for Indian citizens:
      Instructions for verifying the authenticity of documents for work in Romania (in english):

        Embassy of Romania in Delhi:

        *The prerequisite is to have a desire to work and earn money!

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