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Residence permit - Bulgaria | VISA-SVIT

Residence permit in Bulgaria

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      Residence permit - Bulgaria | VISA-SVIT

      Work visa to Bulgaria.
      Work and job vacanciec.
      Residence permit in Bulgaria.

      The Republic of Bulgaria has been one of the countries of the European Union since 2007, and this state has been a member of the NATO military bloc since 2004. This industrial power focuses on the development of agriculture.

      Foreign citizens who wish to officially work and obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria are offered the following conditions at the moment.

      Workplace locations:

      Sofia, Varna, Burgas and other cities.Work visa to Bulgaria

      There are 250 places available for the following specialties:

      • builders-specialists;
      • handymen at the construction site (allowed without work experience).

      Only men are accepted for work (no age restrictions).

      • Salary per month 600-800 € and more.
      • Accommodation and meals (lunch) at the expense of the employer!
      • Tickets at the expense of the candidate.
      • After the start of work, a Temporary residence permit is provided for a period of 1 year with a further extension!
      • Deadline for preparing documents for applying for a work visa: 1.5-2 months (as a rule, there are no queues at the Consulate of Bulgaria!)
      • The cost of a package of documents (work visa, work, residence permit) - 1600 euro.
      • Payment steps:
        • 300 euro - advance payment;
        • 300 euro - after the documents for applying for a visa are ready (we provide photo / scanned copies);
        • 500 euro - after receiving the documents (in person/courier delivery);
        • 500 euro - after obtaining a work visa at the consulate of Bulgaria in the applicant's country of residence. Full payment upon receipt of a visa to Bulgaria!

      Guaranteed opening of a work visa for citizens of the UIS, India and Nepal!

      We accept citizens of the Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan, African countries.

      The candidate must:

      • Scanned copy of passport;
      • Resume-questionnaire in English;
      • Photo 3.5*4.5;
      • Police clearance certificate in English (can be sent later).
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      Required documents

      • Scanned copy of passport
      • Resume-questionnaire in English
      • Photo 3.5*4.5
      • Police clearance certificate in English (can be sent later).
      Passport Passport
      ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine
      Bank reference Bank reference
      Certificate of employment Certificate of employment
      Certificate from studies Certificate from studies
      Photo Photo

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      Submit a request for a service
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      Consult our expert
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      Pay necessary fees
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      Get a positive decision
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      Bulgarian residence permit Bulgarian residence permit от VISA-SVIT
      Residence permit in Bulgaria ✅ Temporary Residence in Bulgaria for citizens of the CIS, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Africa. Jobs in Bulgaria ☎ +380 67 7815555, +380 50 3988555
      1600 до 1600

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