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Residence permit in Ukraine

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      Residence permit in Ukraine | Visa in Ukraine | VISA-SVIT

      Residence permit in Ukraine 

      Визы и вид на жительство в Украине

      Citizens of every single country and those who temporary has no citizenship of any state have an opportunity to obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine. Residence permit in Ukraine enables foreigners not only to stay in the territory of the country for a long time, but also empowers the recipient to make use of almost all benefits available for Ukrainian citizens.

      Residence permit in Ukraine, as well as analogous migration documents in other countries, exists in two types: a temporary and a permanent one. In the former case we are talking about a temporary residence permit which is issued for a specified period tied to time (for example, for the period of study, work, business), and in the latter case – about permanent residence, permitting to live, work and study in the territory of the country without time limitation. According to current legislation, having received the status of a residence permit in Ukraine, an applicant has to further replace this permit of stay in the country twice: at the age of 25 and then aged 45.

      What are the rights provided by a residence permit?

      • Opportunity to start your own business and maintain business activity;
      • Possibility to cross Ukrainian border freely and for unlimited number of times without a necessity of getting visa;
      • Use of the whole range of state medical services;
      • Studying at secondary, specialized and higher educational institutions (a higher educational institution must be duly accredited for teaching foreigners);
      • Employment on legal grounds;
      • Use of banking products, raising mortgage or consumer credits;
      • Aspire to social insurance benefits, including pension payment;
      • Obtain any other country entry visas in the territory of Ukraine without going to the country of citizenship;
      • Have legal grounds to submit application for the citizenship of Ukraine.

      The only right which is not granted to the owner of a residence permit in Ukraine is the right to vote (one cannot vote at presidential and parliamentary elections, however can do so at local and regional elections).

      Obtaining of visa to Ukraine does not provide such benefits, however, fully justifies the purpose of the document received. For instance, a visitor visa allows to stay in the territory of the country for 60 days, a tourist visa – enables to visit events and popular locations for the period of 14 days, an employment visa – to get officially employed, and business visa – to settle business issues (one can stay in the country twice up to 90 days in the half year).

      Guaranteed obtainment of temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine

      Temporary residence permit in Ukraine

      The procedure of getting a temporary residence permit in Ukraine on the grounds of a labour permit (registration of a legal person for an applicant):

      Как получить вид на жительство в Украине

      • Receiving necessary documents from an applicant;
      • Getting a taxpayer identification number for an applicant in the tax office (3 business days);
      • Collecting the document set for company setting-up: registration of a legal person (LLC) at state administration (a founder – an applicant, a director – an employee). Processing time: 3 business days;
      • Submission of the application to the Employment Center for getting a labour permit for the purpose of the employment of a foreign national in the territory of Ukraine (D-04 type) for a period of 3 months (90/90);
      • Getting the approval of a labour permit (labour permit form). Processing time: 7-10 business days;
      • Payment of a public due for the issue of a labour permit (within 10 business days);
      • Shipment of a labour permit (original), statutory documents and public due payment receipt to an applicant to a specified address;
      • Submission of complete set of documents to the Consulate of Ukraine in ANY COUNTRY for a business visa (90/90);
      • Obtaining a Ukrainian business visa by a foreigner;
      • Arrival in Ukraine and submission of documents (attended by our representative) to the Migration Service for getting a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. Processing time: up to 15 business days.
      • Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine (attended by our agency’s lawyer).

      Documents to get a labour permit:

      • Scanned copy of an internal passport (all pages with markings);
      • Original copy of notarized power of attorney with apostille (from the country of an applicant) for the name of our agency’s lawyer.

      Cost for the execution

      The cost of processing a set of documents (work permits) for obtaining a work visa to Ukraine:

      • 500 euro - on the basis of a work permit (without foundation);
      • 1 500 euro - on the basis of a work permit (without foundation); Guarantee!
      • 1 500 / 2 000 euro (1 year / 3 years) - on the basis of a work permit (incl. Foundation in a TOV + documents for a visa).

      The procedure for payment upon receipt of permits for applying for a visa:

      • 50% - advance payment;
      • 50% - payment upon completion of the set of documents.

      Stages of payment for registration of a legal entity (LLC) and obtaining a work visa to Ukraine:

      • Advance payment for getting started: 500 euros;
      • After sending to the customer: copies of TIN and documentation on registration of a legal entity: 1000 euros;
      • At the time of submission of a complete set of documents to the Immigration Service of Ukraine (accompanied by an employee of our agency) on the basis of a D-04 visa: 500 euros.

      Payment stages:

      1. Advance payment to initiate the process: 500 Euro;
      2. After shipping the copy of a taxpayer identification number card and documents of legal person registration to an applicant: 1500 Euro;
      3. Upon submission of complete set of documents to the State Migration Service of Ukraine (attended by our agency representative) on the basis of D-04 visa: 500 Euro.

      Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

      Required documents:

      • Residence registration – confirmation of registration address in applicant’s country (any document: passport, driver’s license, residence certificate, etc.). If there is no such a confirmation, one needs to apply to the Embassy of his/her country in the territory of Ukraine;
      • Internal passport;
      • Temporary residence permit in Ukraine;
      • Marriage certificate (issued in the territory of Ukraine);
      • Scanned copy of wife’s/husband’s passport;
      • Confirmation of place of residence in the territory of Ukraine: the property of an applicant/wife – the document certifying the right of ownership, if no – notarized consent to occupancy from the owner of the apartment.

      Time of document preparation for submission to the immigration service: 3-4 business days.

      Phases of document submission:

      1. After preparation of complete set of documents – obtaining an immigration permit (an applicant proceeds with the application attended by our lawyer). Execution time: 2,5-3 months.
      2. Getting a plastic card: within 15 business days after obtaining a permit. An applicant applies attended by our lawyer.

      The cost of the registering process is individual for each client depending on the grounds for permit obtaining and availability of necessary documents.

      Stamp duty is included to the price. Courier company services of shipping an international passport with complete visa and a residence permit to a specified address are to be paid additionally.

      Residence permit securing procedure

      Как получить вид на жительство в Украине

      1. First of all, all the documents for getting residence permit are submitted to the State Migration Service of Ukraine – Department of visas and registration.
      2. Upon that, the specialists inform the applicant (within 7 days) about positive or negative decision.
      3. Then, when a residence permit has been received, it is necessary to register the place of residence within ten business days.

      In cases when a foreigner needs to receive a visa to Ukraine, the list of documents and whole procedure will be different.

      To get a comprehensive specialist advice, please, submit a request or call the numbers specified on the website.

      Professional assistance of the experts of Visa-Svit migration centre

      • Absolute competence;
      • Practical experience of work with foreign nationals (have been working since 2002);
      • Substantial time saving owing to the whole process being made without the presence of an applicant;
      • Affordable prices without intermediary’s extra charges;
      • Assistance in the arrangement of medical examination;
      • Minimal terms of processing;
      • Translation and notarization of documents.

      We are always glad to be of service for the nationals of all countries seeking qualified visa support.

      Статистика страныStatistics

      Statistics on the results of VISA-SVIT on the issuance of ID-cards for a temporary residence permit in Ukraine for 2021

      • 1027 Total applications
      • 1023 Visas issued
      • 4 Rejected
      Positive decisions made 0%

      Obtaining a residence permit

      Both temporary and permanent residence permits in Ukraine are issued on the grounds of fixed quotas and are relevant to the following categories:

      • Those having a refugee status and living in the territory of the country for at least three years;
      • Investors (the amount of investments in economic development of the country should be not less than 100 000 USD);
      • Cultural professionals or representatives of the scientific fields being of importance for the country;
      • Immediate family of a citizen of Ukraine;
      • Foreign nationals who were the citizens of Ukraine in the past.

      This is a master list. However, the legislation also makes provisions for securing a residence permit for the applicants matching the following criteria:

      • Ukrainian diaspora representatives;
      • Persons who were born in the territory of the country or lived here before;
      • For the second spouse, when the first one is a citizen of the country (the duration of marriage must be at least two years);
      • Legal guardians of Ukrainian nationals and persons being under the wardship of Ukrainian nationals.

      Required documents

      • Internal and international passport with their photocopies translated into Ukrainian and notarized;
      • Immigration permit (an applicant needs to obtain it at the Consulate of Ukraine in the country of citizenship);
      • Application with the indication of the grounds for a residence permit issue;
      • Photos (in color, 8 pcs);
      • Civil status certificate (marriage/divorce);
      • Certificate confirming the composition of the family;
      • Certificate of birth of minor children;
      • Documents for the real estate property, where an applicant plans to reside (the document certifying the right of ownership/contract of tenancy/official consent to occupancy from the owner of the apartment, etc.);
      • Certificate of clean criminal record;
      • Certificate of medical examination;
      • Stamp duty payment receipt;
      • Taxpayer identification number (if it was issued before).

      Despite legal prescription for the documents to be submitted in order to obtain a residence permit, some cases allow that the list can be modified or enlarged. For example, for those applicants who claim the permit on family grounds it is important to prove the fact of immediate family living in the territory of the country; for specialists – diplomas of higher educational institutions; for refugees - a refugee certificate, etc.

      Trying to navigate this huge variety of requirements as well as to collect the documents correctly to submit them to a migration service in order to get Ukrainian residence permit, you may rely on major experts and immigration lawyers with practical experience at Visa-Svit agency. We will carefully analyze current state of affairs, associate it with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and support you through all phases of the permit securing process. Every applicant requesting our assistance will reliably get a quick and professional solution to all current issues as well as affordable service prices.

      Our immigration and visa support centre has been working since 2002. With the help of our experts thousands of clients of our company have already received desired visas to different countries of the world and migration authorization documents. We offer a wide range of services for non-residents of Ukraine: securing a Schengen visa with warranty and payment upon receiving; visa to USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and other countries.

      Passport Passport
      ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine
      Bank reference Bank reference
      Certificate of employment Certificate of employment
      Certificate from studies Certificate from studies
      Photo Photo

      Cooperation steps

      How can I get a residence permit in Ukraine?

      Визы и вид на жительство в Украине

      1. To submit a request through e-mail, web-site form, messenger or via phone.
      2. To consult our migration specialist.
      3. To provide all required documents (if something is missing, we provide complete support in collecting necessary documents).
      4. To make a required advance payment.

      Having received your advance payment, we immediately enter upon documents processing and then submit complete set of documents to state immigration authorities.

      We support the applicant through all the phases until getting a positive result.

      Cooperation steps

      100% warranty of quality

      Submit a request for a service
      Submit a request for a service
      Consult our expert
      Consult our expert
      Provide the documents for checking
      Provide the documents for checking
      Pay necessary fees
      Pay necessary fees
      Get a positive decision
      Get a positive decision
      Submit a request
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      Individual approach to each customer

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      Receiving services on favourable terms

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