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Residence permit in Romania

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      Residence permit in Romania | VISA-SVIT

      Residence permit in Romania

      Рабочая виза в Румынию

      A work visa to Romania is granted according to the general rules. It entitles to the employment in this country only, and not in all the countries of the European Union. Using a work permit for a legal work in some other European country is by no means possible.

      «VISA-SVIT» migration centre helps to obtain a residence permit in Romania and a work visa for foreign nationals from any country of residence as well as those residing on the basis of a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

      A work visa for Europe provides a larger scale of opportunities to search for a better life for the nationals from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam and other countries of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The main requirement to be met by the seekers of Romanian visa who arrived in the country is their legal stay. In this case the agency will provide tangible assistance in obtaining an urgent work visa for Europe.

      Capabilities of «Visa-Svit» migration centre in visa support

      Subject matter experts of the company with their practical experience in visa support service provide professional assistance to everyone who needs to go to one of the EU countries. And for all that it does not matter who needs the documents: the nationals of Nigeria or Congo, Egypt or Morocco, Yemen or Iraq. All required knowledge, practical expertise and professional qualifications of our experts with regard to each specific country make it possible to obtain visas under regular or accelerated procedure. If the client needs to obtain the documents under the accelerated procedure, our prices will stand out advantageously against similar offers in this field.

      What the foreigners need to know to obtain a visa for work or residence in Europe

      For non-residents, including the nationals of Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Nepal and others, it is important to observe the main rule – the passport must have a record certifying that the stay of foreign nationals in any European country is legal. If a foreigner has visited EU countries before, then the date stamp of border crossing should not be overdue.

      While choosing the agency for submitting the documents for Romanian citizenship, make sure to enquire about the company history, work experience and level of proficiency of its employees. Even a single misprint or incorrectly completed document may come at a price both at the securing phase and after getting visa denial. The agent who has made the mistake cannot always recognize it and correct, while the amount of trouble can be rather significant.

      The cooperation with the Consulate of the European state must be professional.

      Required documents

      Passport with the copies of all pages (international passport) Passport with the copies of all pages (international passport)
      Document of a resident of Ukraine (temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine) with the copies of all pages Document of a resident of Ukraine (temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine) with the copies of all pages
      2 photos of a standard form (in colour) 2 photos of a standard form (in colour)
      Statement of employment and earnings for the last six months Statement of employment and earnings for the last six months
      Bank statement of available balance on a card/settlement account Bank statement of available balance on a card/settlement account

      Benefits of work with our agency

      The specialists of our company provide full-fledged services in a timely manner with no interruption to the process and sequence of the procedures. A positive result is achieved even in case of extraordinary situations. Each of our clients gets the maximum attention and further help after the situation has been studied. A final payment is made after getting a final result and ID-card.

      Benefits of securing a residence permit in Romania with «VISA-SVIT»:

      • Преимущества получения вида на жительство в Румынии через «VISA-SVIT»Expertise. Self-help efforts aimed at receiving a legal work and visa for Europe are often more costly to foreign nationals than making resort to qualified specialists, and what’s more, in this case the time of document securing extends over months.
      • Time saving. An Applicant will be able to focus on more important things rather than waste time on studying the procedure and securing.
      • Recommendations, preparation for the interview. Assistance of our experts will help you to avoid problems obtaining a work visa for any European country as well as to save on additional services.
      • Document preparation can be quick as well as urgent, even without visiting the company office.
      • Confidence and serenity. All the responsibility and areas of difficulty of the document securing process fall fully on your visa manager.
      • Additional service. The client won’t be needing to make the copies of the documents, to search for the insurance company and other service providers. A comprehensive service of our company takes into account all additional services and works according to a “single window” principle.
      • Payment. Step-by-step payment for services is provided for with the possibility to pay by instalments. You should know, that in cases of visa denial due to the client’s fault the payment is not refunded.
      • Collaboration after the denial. Even in case of a work visa denial, there is no need to despair and lose hope, as the international lawyers of our company will appeal to the Consulate, and thus final decision can always change to a positive one!
      • Legal work. Assistance and recommendations of the experts will help you not only to obtain a work visa to Romania, but also to carry out the process of securing a residence permit.

      Although none of the companies dealing with work and other visa securing for EU countries is able to make 100% guarantees, in practice we really have very high success rate of securing without full prepayment. The secret of success is our specialists’ ability to work with the documents efficiently, knowledge of the laws and procedures of every European country, managing assertiveness and focus on success.

      If a foreign country national needs a legal job in Europe and legalization of living in EU countries and does not want to deal with visa and ID-card securing on his/her own, the specialists of our centre will never refuse to help but offer professional assistance and advice. Thanks to the recommendations of our skilled specialists the Applicant will solve all current problems avoiding the mistakes on the way to achieving the goal of getting a job, work visa and residence permit in Romania.

      Cooperation steps

      100% warranty of quality

      Submit a request for a service
      Submit a request for a service
      Consult our expert
      Consult our expert
      Provide the documents for checking
      Provide the documents for checking
      Pay necessary fees
      Pay necessary fees
      Get a positive decision
      Get a positive decision
      Submit a request
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      Why People Choose Us?

      Thousands of applicants have already taken an advantage of our expert services

      Any visa category for any country in the world

      Any visa category for any country in the world

      Thanks to the professional competence of our specialists and their longstanding experience, we have managed to minimize general rate of visa refusals.

      Individual approach to each customer

      Individual approach to each customer

      Our specialists handle each customer’s case individually considering all the peculiarities of a specific situation.

      Receiving services on favourable terms

      Receiving services on favourable terms

      All company services are provided at a high professional level at affordable prices within the timescale agreed.

      Our offices are located in Ukraine and Europe.
       Working remotely with the nationals of all countries

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