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Visa for the purpose of work in Poland for foreigners

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      Visa to Poland | Invitation to Poland for foreigners | VISA-SVIT

      Visa for the purpose of work in Poland for foreigners

      Visa for the purpose of work in Poland for foreigners

      European Union law provides any foreign national with the right to live, work and get a fair wage on legal grounds in the EU country chosen.

      A work visa to Poland for foreigners is necessary, if one plans to obtain official employment in the country. Visa application needs to be made at the Consulate of Poland in the applicant’s country of residence. Phasing of the process as well as the list of required documents is defined by the legislation of a specific country. The procedure may vary considerably: a work visa to Poland for Russian nationals and a work visa to Poland for Armenian nationals may have minor differences in terms of procurement procedure. There are several types of a work permit, and each of them implies certain rights and terms of stay in the Republic of Poland.

      What is needed to get a Polish work visa for the citizens of Russia, Belarus and CIS countries

      A work visa for Poland for Russian nationals in 2021 provides with the possibility to stay in the territory of the country for the period from 6 months to 3 years. An essential document to be provided for this type of visa is an invitation from Polish employer. The hirer should prepare a request to call a future employee and make sure to certify it at voivodeship office. After that the invitation for work for a foreigner is shipped to an Applicant at his place of residence. After having received a permit, the one who wants to get a work visa for European Union submits required set of documents at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and awaits for a Polish work visa to be issued. Although the process is not complicated, it is effortful, and knowing all the details and peculiarities is important to shorten the time of travel arrangements and avoid visa denial.

      A work visa for Poland in 2021 for the nationals of Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan makes it possible to conduct gainful labour activity in the Republic of Poland on legal grounds.

      What is the cost of work/study visa to Poland
      The cost of work and study invitations


      Price of the provincial invitation for foreign citizens: Рабочая виза в Польшу для иностранцев

      • For the citizens of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan:
        • Invitation for 1 year: 350* €;
        • Invitation for 2-3 years: 500* €.
      • For other countries’ nationals:
      • Invitation for 1 year: 500 / 600* € (+100€ - guaranteed employment in production (plant or factory);
      • Invitation for 2-3 years: 650 / 700* €.

      * Additional set of documents is included: a contract with an employer, a statement from KRS (state court register), a tenancy agreement, a letter of commitment from an employer, other documents (when needed).

      To be paid additionally: 14 € - service fee of visa application center (in hryvnia equivalent).

      • Student visa, type «D-09» (Zezwolenie). 

        Invitation to Polish post-secondary school (szkoła policealna) (with paid or gratuitous study).
        Period of validity: 1-2 years. Processing time: 7-10 days.

        Рабочая виза в Польшу для иностранцевSecuring fee:

        • 400* € — for the citizens of CIS countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan;
        • 700* €— for other nationals.

      * Additional set of documents.

      Work visa for Poland for parents with children

      Polish work visa for the nationals of different countries can be secured with an additional set of documents for getting visa for children:

      • rent of accommodation for the whole family + contract with a school, technikum, vocational school (with further gratuitous education and teaching of the Polish language) — 350 €.

      We guarantee the authenticity of the documents as well as absolute legality at all phases of their preparation and obtaining. Furthermore, we provide the option to pay stage-by-stage: prepayment by the start of securing process – 50%; second payment – after getting the documents ready.

      If an Applicant is in a different country, the set of documents will be shipped by courier delivery to a specified city and country.

      A work visa to Poland for the citizens other nationals can be secured in a fast track procedure in case of relevant circumstances.

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      Статистика страныStatistics

      VISA-SVIT statistics on the issuance of work visas to Poland for 2021

      • 2649 Total applications
      • 2011 Visas issued
      • 638 Rejected
      Positive decisions made 0%

      Categories and fees for Polish work and student visa for foreigners

      Different categories of Polish visas and invitations provide with different possibilities on the terms of stay and types of labour activity:

      • Electronic work permit. Type «D-05a» (Oświadczenie for non-seasonal works).
        For the citizens of Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova.
        Period of validity: 6 months. 
      • Voivodeship invitation. Type «D-06» (Zezwolenie typ A).
        Period of validity: 1-3 years.
        With the possibility of work or without a mandatory employment. 

      Peculiarities of Polish work visa securing in 2021

      A work visa to Poland for the citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus makes it possible to land a job legally, with no risk of deportation and further ban on entering the territory of Schengen area. For actual stay in Poland in 2021 the nationals of Kazakhstan or other countries need to have Polish work visa and valid international passport. One also needs to arrange health insurance well in advance, since there is a high probability of need to make use of various medical services in case of long-term stay in Poland. Polish work visa for Kazakhstan citizens without a health insurance card does not give a right to undergo treatment at medical institutions. Having a work visa of any category you may feel free in every EU country, work here and get fair wages.

      Required documents

      Documents required for Polish work visa for foreigners

      • International passport: should have at least 2 blank pages and the expiration date not earlier than 3 months after the day of departure from any EU country;
      • Copy of an internal passport with all the remarks made;
      • Copy of an international passport – the first page and pages with visas;
      • Taxpayer identification number card and its copy;
      • 2 photos: 3,5х4,5 cm against white background, made not earlier than 6 months ago;
      • Visa questionnaire filled by hand, with a photo pasted in;
      • Consular fee – payment receipt (if you are securing a Schengen visa), national visa does not need it;
      • Visa fee payment receipt;
      • Bank statements on financial status and account balance;
      • Original health insurance card;
      • Documents confirming the purpose of a trip – originals and copies;
      • In some cases, seasonal work permit will be needed (zezwolenia na pracę sezonową);
      • Invitation to work in Poland issued by an employer – the main document to be arranged first and foremost.

      The invitation from the employer must contain the following information: company name and its reference details, all the information on the employee, purpose and duration of a visit, signatures and seals of the company inviting an employee. The document must be officially registered and have a registration number.

      Polish work visa for the citizens of Tajikistan and other countries makes it possible to obtain a guaranteed employment in the territory of the country.

      Passport Passport
      ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine
      Certificate from studies Certificate from studies
      Photo Photo

      Advantages of work visa for Poland

      Once getting Polish work visa an Applicant obtains a set of extra bonuses. Notwithstanding the category of permit and fixed period of stay, the nationals of many counties can still take advantage of the opportunity to visit other European states in Schengen area. The number of entries and exits is not limited, and what’s more, one can legally change the place of work within the territory of Poland. The fee for securing a work visa to Poland for the nationals of different countries is relatively low as compared to the potential unfolded for a foreign employee being abroad. The invitation for work in Poland can be issued either by employing company or by a person being a private entrepreneur and living in the territory of the host country or by a non-resident living in the country for more than 5 years and having a temporary or permanent resident status.

      Employee pay level in Poland

      Рабочая виза в Польшу для иностранцев

      The wages of foreign employees increase each year in Poland. Thus, average data on official pay level for 2020 show the numbers up to 5167,47 złoty (1100-1200 euro). This amount is based on the data from different fields – starting from the service employees up to the category of top managers. This level of pay is much higher than the same showing in native countries of many people from CIS countries, the South-East Asia and Africa. Besides that, Polish companies offer favourable terms of cooperation for legal employment. For example: financial compensation for night and weekend work, part time work option, idle time compensation, etc.

      With all the advantages, various vacancies list is reach in all kinds of job opportunities. The major part of emigrants come to EU to work as general workers at enterprises, factories or plants. Or this also can be the businesses connected with light, heavy, food industry; service provision or trading. European employment is also popular with the young, since level of wages is not that much dependent on their accumulated period of work. Having even a brief experience of work one may get a full pay, while experienced skilled personnel may take vacant positions in management.

      What is needed to start securing Polish work visa for the citizens of Georgia and CIS countries

      In order to initiate the procurement process for getting visa for work in Europe one needs to contact the company providing this kind of services or directly a Polish employer. Applying for a national or Schengen visa at the Consulate requires to get registered at its web-site by means of filling and then later printing the questionnaire. It is mandatory to indicate the date and time of document submission. One can also submit the documents via the representative of visa application center. Securing a national permit at the Consulate requires a prior registration. By this time one needs to pay a service fee for visa application center processing. Doing so an Applicant needs to have an international passport on hand and indicate the type of a visa, information about future employer and Applicant’s contact details. After the registration procedure an Applicant gets a code for further registration. Such process is applied only to national work visa securing. Schengen visa does not require registration.

      Polish visa for the purpose of employment for foreigners

      The work abroad provides a lot of opportunities for making money and traveling. Potential workers from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh, Turkey, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Congo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Côte d'Ivoire and other countries are in want of employment in Europe to get a decent wage and further career path. The selection of vacancies for foreign nationals ranges from assembly workers and packers at production site to top managers, and pay level much differs from the one offered in Applicant’s native country. Getting advice of experienced professionals as to the employment and securing a work visa is a guarantee of your legal stay in a desired country.

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