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Work and work visa to Hungary | Residence permit

Work visa to Hungary

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      Work and work visa to Hungary | Residence permit

      The fastest and most economical method of obtaining a residence permit in the European Union

      Work visa and employment in Hungary

      If you managed to find a job in Hungary, then with the help of your employer you can apply for a temporary residence permit. First, you need to get a work visa with which you can enter the country. The employer will need an employment contract and a work permit. Since the employee needs to live somewhere, you need to confirm the availability of the housing itself, rented is also suitable. In addition, you will need to confirm your qualifications for a particular specialty. You will also need a small supply of funds, which will allow you to live until the first salary is received.Work visa in Hungary

      Residence permit in Hungary for 2 years for citizens of the following countries:

      Vietnam, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Philippines, Ukraine.

      Reason for obtaining an ID-card:  official employment in a Hungarian company.

      Processing time: 2-3 months.

      Cost of registration services (payment in stages)

      • For citizens of Ukraine: 1,500 Є;
      • For citizens of other countries: 2,000 EUR.

      Included in the price:

      • Housing lease agreement;
      • work contract;
      • Preparation of a set of documents and filling out a questionnaire;
      • Accompanying a lawyer when submitting documents to the migration police in Budapest and when receiving an ID-card;
      • Fixed employee in Hungary;
      • Advice on related migration issues.

       The applicant is obliged to provide scanned copies of documents of good quality in pdf format (preferably in one file)

      • Personal data (for women: documents with maiden name and mother's maiden name)
      • Civil passport or ID-card with registration;
      • Foreign passport (depending on citizenship);
      • Identification code (if any);
      • Fresh photo 3.5 * 4.5, 80% of the face.

       The receipt of the card is carried out personally by the Applicant in Budapest, Hungary.

       * the timing may vary depending on the quarantine measures.

        Clients with deportations, the presence of offenders in the Schengen SIS database, with possible fines in the EU (fines must be paid before submitting documents to the Labor Exchange) are not accepted for work .

      Steps for obtaining an ID-card for citizens of Ukraine

      STAGE 1

       The procedure for processing documents in Hungary (without the presence of the Applicant)

      • Preparation of a package of documents for employment in a Hungarian company.

      Term 3-4 weeks.

      Payment: 1000 euros.

      STAGE 2 

      • Arrival in Budapest , submission of documents to the migration police. Accompanying a lawyer.
      • Getting an ID-card.

      Payment: 500 euros.


      The procedure for obtaining a work visa in the country of residence, a work vacancy and an ID-card for foreign citizens

      Work, work visa and residence permit in Hungary

      • Location: Hungary, Yasberen;
      • Work of Bardi Auto in the city of Budapest VIII district;
      • Official employment;
      • Position: warehouse worker;
      • Responsibilities: Packing goods and placing orders.

      *Men under 40 required.

      Monthly net salary:

      • 1st month: 220,000 forints (about 550 euros);
      • 2nd month and following: 270,000 forints (about 650 euros);
      • Payouts: 9th of every month.

      * For those wishing to work overtime: 300 - 400,000 forints (750-1,000 euros).Work in Hungary

      Work schedule :

      • 6 days a week, 8 hours a day;
      • 1st shift: from 8:00 to 20:00 (from Monday to Saturday), break: 13-14.00;
      • 2nd shift: 20:00 to 08:00 (Monday to Saturday).

      - Work clothes and accommodation are provided by the enterprise;
      - Free accommodation in comfortable conditions;
      - Medical insurance;
      - Tax incentives for children and employees (from 18 to 25 years old).

      • Document preparation time for applying for a work visa: 2-3 weeks;
        • Documentation procedure:
        1. Preparation of documents by the employer for obtaining a work visa, type D;
        2. Sending photo/scanned copies of the finished set of documents to the applicant;
        3. Submission of documents by the applicant to the Consulate of Hungary in the country of residence;
        4. Obtaining a short-term work visa for a period of 30 days (validity period - 1 year);
        5. Arrival to Hungary. Submission of documents to the migration department to obtain an ID-card for a period of 2 years on the basis of employment (accompanied by a company lawyer);
        6. Start of work according to the employment contract (immediately after submitting the documents for the ID-card);
        7. Obtaining an ID-card of a temporary residence permit in Hungary for a period of 2 years (in 30-60 days).
      • The cost of a package of documents (work visa, employment contract, ID-card) - 2000 euro;
      • Payment steps:
        • 300 euro - advance payment;
        • 300 euro - after the documents are ready for applying for a visa and receiving a photo / scanned copy;
        • 700 euro - after receiving the original documents (personally / by courier delivery);
        • 700 euro - after obtaining a work visa at the Hungarian consulate.


      Sangsin Hungary Kft.

      About the writing of the enterprise.

      • The plant is engaged in the manufacture of aluminum housings for batteries. ️
      • The job is to check the quality of the hulls.
      • Work in the workshop for the production of battery boxes: the workshop is clean, boxes the size of a notebook 5 * 15 cm, small. Production is located in Jaszbereny.
      • The task is to sort the parts on the press.
      • There are no elements harmful to health.
      • Free accommodation in the city of Yasbereine in comfortable conditions.
      • Support in the process of preparing documents.
      • Travel from place of residence to work and back is free.
      • After starting work, a temporary residence permit is granted for a period of 2 years.
      • There are benefits for employees from 18 to 25 years old.

      *Employment and paperwork for citizens of the Philippines is a priority !

      Also relevant for citizens of the following countries:

      Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Mongolia, Montenegro.


      After obtaining a work visa and arriving in Hungary - mandatory official employment at the enterprise in accordance with the employment contract.

      Guaranteed receipt of a work visa in the country of residence, a work vacancy and a residence permit in Hungary for a period of 2 years!

       !!! Important

      • After receiving an ID-card, the client must stay for 2 years continuously in any EU country;
      • We provide the opportunity to extend the card for another 2 years;
      • It is necessary to pay a monthly tax (160 euros) to maintain the validity of the card;
      • Payment of tax before the 8th day of each month. This is a mandatory, official payment.
      • If the tax is not paid, the company dismisses the employee and the ID-card is canceled by the Migration Department.


      Hungary - a member of the European Union and a Schengen state, attracts a lot of labor migrants. There are good conditions for work, doing business, a low income tax rate, a mild climate, and a high level of social security. The Hungarian labor market is in demand for workers in the service sector, agriculture, IT specialists, engineers, mechanics, managers, financiers, call center operators.

      For official employment in the country, a work visa to Hungary is required.

      Work permit and long-term work visa to Hungary

      Hungarian law provides for two grounds for obtaining a work visa: employment in a national company and starting your own business.

      Employment in a Hungarian company

      The process includes the following steps:

      • job search on specialized web-resources, resume submission;
      • interview with the employer, sending documents on specialized education, confirmation of experience;
      • conclusion of an employment contract;
      • an employer's request for permission from the Ministry of Labor on hiring a foreign citizen;
      • issuance of a work visa on the basis of the obtained permit;
      • moving, filing an application for a residence permit ID-card.

      Hungarian employers interested in hiring a foreign specialist register a vacancy at the employment center and expect a resume from Hungarian citizens or citizens of the European Union within two weeks. If there are no applicants, the employer requests permission for the foreigner.

      The contract with the Hungarian employer details the working conditions. Schedule of working hours, holidays, wages are negotiated.

      There are three types of work permits:

      • "A", for permanent employment. Issued to immigrants who have lived in the country for five years or are married to a Hungarian citizen;
      • "B" - for one year, to work in a specific place. When changing employment, it must be re-registered;
      • "C" - for seasonal work, without the possibility of extension.

      Due to the legally permitted labor migration within the EU countries, its citizens do not need a work permit. An exception is also made for foreign business owners who are directors of companies. But if the director performs work not related to management, you need to issue a permit.

      Before starting work, a foreign employee must receive social insurance and register as a taxpayer.

      The validity period of the work permit is equal to the duration of the employment contract.

      Стоимость оформления ID-карты ВНЖ в Венгрии для граждан разных стран

      Work and study invitation to Poland. ID card visa-svit accordeon open
      visa-svit accordeon close
      Visa type Duration of stay/validity Processing time Cost

      D (Voivodeship invitations)

      1 year 30-45 days *350 / 400 / 500 €

      D (Seasonal work invitations) 

      9 mounths 14-21 *300 / 350 / 500 €
      *Work invitation for the citizens: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan / Other country / registration in the ZUS
      Study. Student visa to Poland. ID card visa-svit accordeon open
      visa-svit accordeon close
      Visa type Duration of stay/validity Processing time Cost


      1-2 years 5-10 days **400 / 500 €
      *Work invitation for the citizens: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan / Other country
      Work. Work visa to Bulgaria. ID card visa-svit accordeon open
      visa-svit accordeon close
      Visa type Duration of stay/validity Processing time Cost


      2 years 45-60 days 1 600 €
      Work. Work visa to Slovakia. ID card visa-svit accordeon open
      visa-svit accordeon close
      Visa type Duration of stay/validity Processing time Cost


      2 years 2-3 months 1 600 €
      Work. Work visa to Hungary. ID card visa-svit accordeon open
      visa-svit accordeon close
      Visa type Duration of stay/validity Processing time Cost


      2 years 2-3 months 2 000 €

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      Starting your own business

      Buying a ready-made company or opening your own business in the country is the basis, but not a guarantee of obtaining a residence permit, and then permanent residence and Hungarian citizenship. The most popular formats for organizing business activities are a limited liability company, an open joint stock company.

      Non-resident founders can register a company exclusively through Hungarian lawyers. It is necessary to provide the name of the company, legal address, data of the founders. The lawyer, on the basis of the information provided, in accordance with the format of the business, prepares a package of documents for submission to the national registration authorities. The decision on registration is made, among other things, on the basis of the priority of the business project for a particular Hungarian region.

      If the founder opened a business with the subsequent prospect of obtaining Hungarian citizenship, the company must be really operating, make a profit, pay taxes.

      Applying for a long-term work visa

      If a job has already been found in a Hungarian company, the employer who hired the foreigner prepares for the consulate an official notice of admission to the state, which indicates the position of the employee, the term of the contract, and the employer's data.

      The applicant must make sure that he has a valid foreign passport with two blank pages and prepare a package of documents that are submitted personally by the applicant to the diplomatic mission.Business in Hungary

      Among the documents:

      • survey-application;
      • civil and international passport;
      • work permit;
      • color photographs;
      • medical insurance for the entire period of the contract;
      • employer's letter of admission to the state;
      • labor contract;
      • receipts for payment of duties;
      • bank statement confirming solvency for the first period of residence;
      • documents confirming the availability of housing, own or rented for a long time.

      This is a basic package, but the embassy, ​​depending on the specific circumstances, may require additional paperwork.

      The visa for work is long-term and belongs to category D. The validity period is one year, there is the possibility of prolongation for 2 years or 5 years.

      Required documents

      Documents for a work visa

      It is impossible to get a work visa to Hungary without an official invitation from the employer. It states:

      • data of the company or entrepreneur for whom the candidate will work;
      • address of residence;
      • bank account number;
      • position for which a foreigner is accepted;
      • planned salary level for the work of a future employee;
      • address where the hired person will live;
      • standard set of documents for obtaining a visa for Hungary.

      The document package consists of:

      • visa application form (you can get it at the visa center or download it on the official website of the consulate). You need to fill in the visa form in Latin, then print and sign. Make sure that the data in the questionnaire completely matches the data in the passport;
      • passport. Its validity should not expire earlier than three months after returning to your home country. Also, when changing your surname, take care of changing your passport;
      • 2 photographs for the visa application form, size 4.5x3.5 cm on a white background;
      • the original of the civil passport and a copy of each page where there are entries;
      • original and copy of identification code;
      • copy of marriage or divorce certificate;
      • Bank statement of income. It can have several types: indicating the monthly salary for the last six months, indicating the availability of funds in the account - a certain amount in euros, a statement from the sponsor with notarization, in case the immigrant does not have the funds.
      Паспорт Паспорт
      ID-карта ВНЖ в Украине ID-карта ВНЖ в Украине
      Справка с учебы Справка с учебы
      Фото Фото

      Residence permit in Hungary for foreigners

      Since 2014, the procedure for obtaining a Hungarian residence permit has been simplified. The application is submitted together with the application for a work permit. Applicants who wish to obtain status on the basis of employment go through only one procedure.

      A residence permit in Hungary is issued for the duration of the employment contract. Under unchanged initial conditions, the status can be extended. An application for renewal is submitted no later than 15 days before the expiration of the status. If an immigrant has found a new job, then the residence permit is issued again.

      After a three-year stay in the status of a residence permit, you can apply for permanent residence.

      If a foreign applicant for a residence permit is the owner of an enterprise in the country, he must open a D visa, and upon arrival in the country, provide a decision on the registration of the company, statutory documents, a certificate of tax registration and a number of other documents.

      The Hungarian authorities can legally refuse to grant a residence permit to a business owner, but only open a business visa.

      Obtaining a Hungarian ID-card

      The Hungarian residence permit and citizenship of the country open up broad prospects for doing business in Europe, employment training. Basic benefits of citizenship:

      • visa-free entry to 140 countries, including Australia, the United States, New Zealand;
      • legal residence in the Schengen area;
      • access to quality health care;
      • conditions for doing business;
      • use of banking services;
      • diplomatic protection outside the country.

      After receiving a certificate of citizenship, you can issue a package of documents for a citizen of the European Union: a passport, an ID card of a citizen (an analogue of an internal passport).

      The ID-card certifies the identity, is a means of authorization when using digital services, such as online banking.

      Required documents for employment in Hungary

      The main documents for official employment are a work permit and a national visa category D. Also required:

      • valid foreign and national passport;
      • health insurance policy, the validity of which is equal to the duration of the employment contract;
      • diplomas, certificates confirming education, qualifications in the chosen specialty;
      • employer's invitation or letter of intent, employment contract.

      Candidates are required to have basic knowledge of the Hungarian language. A big plus is the knowledge of German, English. The absence of problems with the law at home, compliance with visa rules by the applicant, and the state of health are checked. A complete list of documents to clarify all the circumstances of interest is given by the employer.

      The applicant must have his own or rented housing and the means by which he will support himself in the country before the start of income generation.

      Stages of cooperation with VISA-SVIT

      To obtain a positive decision on a work permit in Hungary, to obtain a visa, to obtain a residence permit, it is required to comply with legal requirements, the procedure. At any stage, errors are possible that will lead to negative consequences for applicants.

      The Visa Support Center “Viza-Svit” has positive statistics on the opening of ID-cards, the issuance of visas and employment contracts in the EU. The assistance and assistance of qualified specialists helps to achieve the goal in a short time and at minimal cost.

      Our cooperation with clients includes the following stages:

      • application from the applicant on the website of the company VISA-SVIT;
      • comprehensive and competent expert advice;
      • assistance and comprehensive assistance in the collection / verification of a package of documents;
      • assistance in paying the necessary fees;
      • obtaining a positive decision from the consulate and the migration service;
      • support at all stages of registration;
      • consulting support.

      Contact the professionals and get a positive result!

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