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Visa to Canada for foreign nationals

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      Visa to Canada for foreign nationals | Registration online | VISA-SVIT

      Visa to Canada for foreign nationals

      Canada is a highly developed prosperous country with all the respective privileges for those wishing to visit this country. There are not many countries which can compare with Canada in terms of medicine, social security, infrastructure and living standard. In fact, many foreigners dream of coming here at least as a tourist, to see the magnificent nature, mountains, lakes and to try the famous maple syrup, if not for the immigration purpose. There is also a lot of people aiming at employment here: the workers lucky enough to get a job in Canada can boast of good career prospects and high income. Most foreigners are required to have an entry permit for this purpose: a visa to Canada for Russians and nationals of other countries is a complicated and sometimes lengthy procedure. For many years our company has been assisting in proper document preparation for getting a Canadian visa and entering this “maple leaf country”.

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      Peculiarities of Canadian visa securing for foreigners

      Виза в Канаду для иностранцев

      A visa to Canada for Belarusians, nationals of CIS countries and other foreigners is quite troublesome process. It is drastically different from securing an entry permit for European countries. Sometimes the procedure may take several months and not always end in success. Canadians are very careful checking the information of all the Applicants, weeding out around 30-50% of the persons they regard as undesirable. Many times higher are the chances of those who turn for help to highly qualified professionals experienced in securing Canadian permits. The specialists know for certain all the nuances of document preparation, which minimizes the possibility of mistakes. However, the Applicant should be also realistic in assessing the probability of success – in almost all cases foreigners get a refusal for the following reasons:

      • Lack of official income;
      • “Clear” passport without visas, that is to say that until now the national has not obtained any visa to any country;
      • False information provided in the documents – if any facts from personal biography are concealed or changed, it gets revealed in 99% of cases;
      • Falsification of documents, forgery;
      • Drawing up mistakes in the forms: it does not matter whether the mistake has been made accidentally or intentionally – an Applicant will get a denial;
      • Criminal background, former convictions or violation of migration laws of other countries;
      • Visitor and family visa securing implies the examination of a receiving party as well. If it turns out that a relative/ acquaintance is a refugee or his/her documents are not in order – a visa will not be granted.

      Sometimes, a refusal can also be received due to no movable and immovable property registered in the home country, incorrect photo attached to the documents and other trivialities. To avoid unpleasant situations we recommend to resort to our company’s experienced specialists. We help to obtain any category of visa to Canada for the nationals of different countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan; India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh; Turkey; Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Congo, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Côte d'Ivoire and other countries.

      Required documents

      The list of documents required to obtain a visa to Canada

      It doesn’t matter whether you need a visa to Canada for Kazakhstan nationals or the nationals of the countries of Africa or Asia – the list of documents is the same for everyone. Only the cost of services may differ.

      Basic set consists of the following documents:

      • International passport and original internal passport with the copies of all pages;
      • Two colour photos (35 * 45) made recently, that is not earlier than 6 months before the document submission;
      • Completed visa application form;
      • Birth certificates of children, marriage/ divorce certificates (if any).
      • Certificate of official employment;
      • Bank statement on financial assets and monetary flows for the last 6 months;
      • Copies of the documents certifying the right of ownership to movable and immovable property;
      • Other document(s) required to secure a specific visa category (invitations, diplomas, etc.).

      The list of documents can be supplemented or changed for each situation individually.

      If you dream of Canada, you should not postpone a desired trip out of fear of paperwork and lengthy bureaucratic processes. Our company provides professional assistance in prompt document preparation, getting ready for the interview (if there is a need) and obtaining an entry permit regardless of your nationality.

      Passport Passport
      ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine ID-card of residence permit in Ukraine
      Bank reference Bank reference
      Certificate of employment Certificate of employment
      Certificate from studies Certificate from studies
      Photo Photo

      Which visa to Canada needs to be secured for a foreigner (Visa categories)

      Виза в Канаду для иностранцевThere are a few different types of visa to visit this country. Each of them differs in requirements to the securing process, validity period and is issued depending on the purpose of a trip.

      Tourist visa

      Would you like to visit Canada for tourism? To visit Toronto or Vancouver, to attend a hockey match or one of the world famous Canadian traditional festivals?

      Then you have to obtain a Canadian tourist visa for foreigners.

      Mandatory requirements include complete set of necessary documents, confirmation of financial solvency, “transparent” and clear purpose of a visit, a detailed plan of activities for the whole period of stay in the country. A tourist permit is granted for a minimum period of 6 months and a maximum of 10 years. The first visa will be most likely valid for the requested period of stay. All further permits will be granted for the period defined by the Canadian side. It is logical enough that even a touristic visa with a 10-year period of validity does not entitle a foreigner to reside permanently in the country or, all the more, to get employed.

      Work visa

      Getting a permit to enter Canada for the purpose of employment is really far from simple. Foreigners are required to have a higher or special education, English or French proficiency level above average and at least 1 year of work experience. Furthermore, it is necessary to go through a number of bureaucratic procedures, prepare complete and exhaustive set of documents and get interviewed at the consulate of Canada. Moreover, the applicants must have an invitation from a Canadian employer, confirmation of the accommodation booked for the time upon arrival and successful results of medical examination. And that’s not all. The specialists of our company advise on the preparation of complete set of necessary documents and help to obtain a work visa to Canada within the shortest time possible.

      Business visa

      Are you planning a business visit to Canada?

      A conference, important negotiations with partners, business trips – all these tasks require a business visa to Canada. It is granted for a maximum of 10 years, however, one visit should not be more than 6 months. The work permit does not allow foreigners to somehow work in the territory of the country or, all the more, to engage in the entrepreneurial activity. This is a non-immigrant type of visa, therefore the list of opportunities for a non-resident is limited. Some of the conditions for getting a business visa to Canada is an invitation from Canadian business partner, income tax return extract for the last six months, roundtrip tickets and accommodation booking for the entire period of a visit.

      Виза в Канаду для иностранцев

      Visitor, family and super visa

      All three categories are united by the fact that a foreigner must have relatives, friends or acquaintances in Canada whom he/she is going to make a visit to. The first visa category enables to stay in the country for a limited period of time, while a family visa (for family reunion) can make it possible for close relatives to move to Canada for permanent residency. There is also a super visa allowing the entry for the parents or grandparents of the children/grandchildren already being the residents of the country and able to prove their financial solvency, since they will have to sponsor the stay of their relatives in the country. The super visa enables to stay in the territory of the country for 2 years without leaving.

      Student visa

      A visa to Canada for foreign nationals for the purpose of studying is required in case of enrollment at one of local educational institutions. A student visa allows to stay in the country during the whole period of studies and 90 days after its completion. It is rather complicated to become a Canadian student: first, you need to speak French or English at an above average level; secondly, to enroll at the educational institution that is accredited in accordance with the Designated Learning Institution Number system. No problems with the law, financial security or the sponsorship – these are the essential requirements to obtain a permit.

      Our company has been assisting in securing the visas of the afore-mentioned categories for many years. In addition to the categories above, we also help to obtain a religious, transit, spouse visa, etc.

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