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Why People Choose Us?

Thousands of applicants have already taken an advantage of our expert services

Any visa category for any country in the world

Any visa category for any country in the world

Thanks to the professional competence of our specialists and their longstanding experience, we have managed to minimize general rate of visa refusals.

Individual approach to each customer

Individual approach to each customer

Our specialists handle each customer’s case individually considering all the peculiarities of a specific situation.

Receiving services on favourable terms

Receiving services on favourable terms

All company services are provided at a high professional level at affordable prices within the timescale agreed.

Visa support. Immigration. Residence permit in Ukraine and Europe

For the majority of Ukrainians as well as the nationals of other countries getting a visa for the purpose of tourism or for visiting, for family matters or business, for transit, studies or employment abroad is a matter of great importance. Visa securing in Ukraine is no more a dim outlook for the nationals of any country. Ukrainian nationals have a unique opportunity to visit the countries of the European Union along with other countries without any visa permit at all.

A decision about the issue of the visa permit needed is made by the consulate of each country on a separate basis individually for each applicant depending on the documents provided and the purpose of a visit. Ukrainians and non-residents of Ukraine having a residence permit in Ukraine are entitled to obtain any category of visa in the territory of the country either by themselves or with the help of the experts of specialized visa centres and agencies.

Visa support. Immigration. Residence permit in Ukraine and Europe

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Submit a request for a service
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Consult our expert
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Provide the documents for checking
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Pay necessary fees
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Get a positive decision
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Get your visa with the help of a specialist

Getting an entry permit for a certain country can be sometimes rather problematic when done without assistance. The main problem lies in the awareness of the particularities of different countries’ legislation and its difference from the legislation of Ukraine. For this very reason our visa support centre has made a decision to assist fellow nationals and the nationals of other countries in securing visa permits for any country of the world.

Visa and migration support at all phases of document processing is an overriding priority of our company. Our specialists have been dealing with the arrangement of turn-key travel packages, visa documentation and legal support for immigration to other countries since 2002.

Each applicant always has the choice between securing visa permit unassisted and getting it with the help of a dedicated specialist. The decision is always up to a customer. VISA-SVIT specialists provide professional advice for the resolution of existing difficulties encountered by those wishing to obtain a visa in Ukraine on their own.

The most common problems:

  • Lack of a legal invitation for work (for securing a work visa). In the light of the popularity of securing a work permit for getting employed abroad, swindling cases has become more frequent, notably the sale of forged or unregistered work invitations. That is why it is necessary to verify employer company thoroughly on specialized databases.
  • Inaccurate or incorrect explanation of the purpose of a visit at border crossing often results in refusal of entry and even in further ban from visiting different countries for a period from six months to 5 years – this is one of the consequences of the absence of visa support service. A dedicated expert of an agency should tell how to make everything correctly and fast, accurately and to a good quality. Moreover, the expert can always help with settling current issues in case of emergency.
  • An applicant will not be able to obtain a visa to the country chosen at short notice (even for 1 day) without the assistance of a specialized agency working with the consulate of the country.
  • There will be no guarantee of getting a visa permit, especially in case of a «clear» passport without the records of border crossing.

    Obtain a visa in Ukraine

    Visa experts and international lawyers of our agency will always help with securing any visa permit or migration document in the territory of the country in the most professional way, to a high standard of quality, at affordable prices and within the shortest time. All the procedures will be simplified to the greatest possible extent, quick and safe. Every client of our centre will reliably receive high-grade services, favourable prices, appropriate support and inevitably positive result desired.

    Schengen visa with guarantee and payment upon receipt. Urgent Schengen visa for 1 day in Kyiv

    Шенгенская виза с гарантией и оплатой по факту получения. Виза шенген срочно за 1 день в Киеве

    Qualified visa experts and lawyers of our centre will make it possible for the nationals of any country to obtain a Schengen visa in Kyiv with guarantee and payment upon the receipt of a visa permit subject to the condition of meeting certain criteria. We are proud to be able to secure a Schengen visa in Kyiv for foreign nationals from different countries having a residence permit in Ukraine. With the use of legal and well-tried methods of cooperation with the consulates of European countries, it is only possible to prepare necessary documents urgently and faultlessly subject to certain conditions.

    An urgent Schengen visa for some of European countries secured for one day – is absolutely real and working practice elaborated for many years of existence of our visa centre. At the same time, guaranteed receipt of a visa permit will be conducted on an expedited basis thanks to the expertise of our team and official agreement with the organizations participating in the process.

    Work visas and invitations for Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Estonia

    поможем оформить визовую документацию в любую страну мира The most of the employers abroad are particularly glad to welcome Ukrainian nationals as their employees. For this reason, the visas for employment at the organizations of different countries of the world are issued perfectly well, though subject to meeting a number of requirements and conditions of the embassy’s consular division of the country chosen. For the non-residents of Ukraine, we help to obtain an official invitation from a Polish employer to get a visa permit in the country of residence. Securing visa permits for entering the country chosen is our top priority, so we take this activity area with all solemnity. In order to get a successful result (speeding-up of the process of getting work permits or permits to enter a country), Visa-Svit specialists apply only practically efficient and fully legal methods. Owing to this kind of work handling, the whole period of stay abroad will be legal and duly documented.

    Considering existing peculiarities of the legislation of different countries, our company features the experts specializing in the countries which they have lived in or have a long-term experience of work with. The aim of our migration centre to establish continuous cooperation with each agency and each of our applicants is confirmed by the results of our longstanding work. Thousands of happy clients and a vast number of positive reviews – these are real achievements of the professional team of our company working since 2002 in the market of travel, migration and visa services. Please, feel free to request assistance from our visa support centre. We will help you to secure any country visa documents, work invitations and permits, a visa or residence permit in Ukraine for foreign nationals as well as residence permit in Europe with a 100% guarantee of receipt within the shortest time possible at high quality standards!

    Our offices are located in Ukraine and Europe.
     Working remotely with the nationals of all countries

    Центр визовой поддержки 'VISA-SVIT'

    Immigration & Visa Support Center

    02094, Kyiv, 52 Popudrenko str.
    (Chernihivska metro station)

    Центр визовой поддержки 'VISA-SVIT'
    Working hours
    from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    a day off
    Visa support center Visa support center Visa services ✅ Work and work visas to Europe ✅ Residence permit in EU ✅ We have been working since 2002 ☎ (044) 592-88-77
    ул. Попудренка, 52 Киев, Украина
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